Orlando Brown Sparks Concern After Claiming He 'Made Love' With Drake and Usher

In a viral video, the former 'That's So Raven' star makes wild claims that he has been sexually involved with a string of famous men in the entertainment industry.

AceShowbiz - Orlando Brown has left social media concerned about his mental health after a bizarre video of him surfaced online. In the said clip, which was seemingly recorded and shared by a friend, the actor claimed that he has slept with a number of famous male celebrities.

"You smashed Drake?" the person behind the camera asked to Orlando, who was standing in front of the camera. "I didn't smash anything," the "That's So Raven" alum responded, before clarifying that he preferred to use another term to define his entanglement with those guys.

"We made love," the 36-year-old stressed. When asked who else he "made love" with, he mentioned Busta Rhymes, Bow Wow, Katt Williams, Terrence Howard and Usher. "Usher is a gusher," he said of the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show performer.

When asked by his friend why there are no girls in the list of the alleged people he slept with, Orlando said his dad is "Lucifer." Meanwhile, the man who filmed him appeared to be amused, laughing at his unconfirmed revelation.

People soon cast doubt on Orlando's claims, with many expressing concern about his mental health. "He said Busta Rhymes? Lmaooo now i know he lyin good night," one person reacted to the video. Another worried fan wrote, "I thought my boy was getting better. Dang I hate seeing him like this. Smh."

"He's really losing his mind and y'all think it's funny," a third said, slamming those who made fun of Orlando over the video. A fourth person pointed out, "Atp you can't believe someone in this state of mind. Praying for his healing."

A few others, meanwhile, blasted the person who recorded and shared the video. "Posting Un-Medicated Patients Is A Form of Bullying!!!" one of them claimed. Another said, Whoever recorded and posted this ain't solid. Obviously something is wrong with dude. Let's pray Orlando gets the help he needs."

Someone implored, "We gotta end this era of trying to find comic relief of filming mentally ill people straight up!!" One other critic similarly added, "Making Fun Of Someone's Mental Health is NOT COOL!"

Orlando didn't seem to be in his best shape lately. Earlier this year, he was caught on camera getting kicked out of a restaurant after lashing out at a staffer. "Get behind me Satan - I'm Jesus - get the f**k out of here Satan!" he was heard saying in the video, which was taken while he dined out at TAO in Los Angeles back in January.

Before he left, he told fellow patrons, "Everybody enjoy your night, I'm sorry for f**king up your s**t. My name is Orlando Brown, I am Satan and Lucifer's son. F**k everybody!!!"

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