Travis Kelce Spotted Landing in Australia Ahead of Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' Sydney Concerts

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is seen arriving in Australia to reunite with his girlfriend after a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles before heading to Sydney.

AceShowbiz - Travis Kelce has made his way Down Under to be reunited with Taylor Swift. The athlete has arrived in Australia ahead of the Grammy winner's "Eras Tour" concerts in Sydney, which will kick off on Friday, February 23.

Local news outlets captured him getting off of the plane on Thursday morning at around 9 A.M. local time, which is 5 P.M. ET Wednesday. He sported a green tracksuit and carried some of his bags as he walked into an SUV.

ABC News in Australia, which had a reporter staked outside of the airport, noted that there were many "official-looking men in suits, some tough-looking bodyguard-like men" hanging out at the plane hanger. "When [Travis] does get here, he is expected to be going to the Crown [hotel] in Bangaroo," where Taylor has reportedly been staying in a penthouse, the reporter said ahead of his arrival.

The NFL star appears to be accompanied by some of his friends on his trip as one of them posted from Hawaii on his Instagram Story a few hours ago and his other friend Ross Travis also posted a photo of an airplane window on social media.

Earlier on Wednesday, Travis was reportedly en route to meet up with Taylor. He has been traveling quite a bit over the past 48 hours. The 34-year-old hunk was spotted back in Las Vegas on Monday for a charity golf event. On Tuesday, he reportedly grabbed dinner at Nobu Malibu in Los Angeles before jumping on a plane around 9 P.M. The private jet landed for a pit stop in Honolulu, Hawaii before it headed to Sydney.

From Sydney, Travis will likely join Taylor for the European leg of her tour. A source told PEOPLE that the pair "are making plans for the summer and are excited to travel together in Europe when Taylor takes her tour there." Another source close to the Kelce family added, "Football is everything to him. He lives and breathes it. But he's ready for some downtime now and to show up for Taylor the way she has for him."

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