Meryl Streep Will Reprise Her Role in 'Only Murders in the Building' Season 4

The veteran actress will return as Broadway star Loretta Durkin in the upcoming season of the hit Hulu series, which also stars Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez.

AceShowbiz - Meryl Streep is returning for season 4 of "Only Murders in the Building. On Thursday, February 15, it's been confirmed that the veteran actress will be reprising her role of Broadway star Loretta Durkin in the upcoming season of the hit Hulu series.

The Hollywood Reporter is the first to share the news. "Meryl is returning for next season because she had a tremendous time," 20th Television president Karey Burke, whose studio produces "OMITB", said on THR's "TV's Top 5" podcast, airing Friday.

Loretta was first introduced in season 3, which featured a dramatic end in October 2023. She was seen developing a romance with Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) and receiving an offer to work in Los Angeles.

The news of Meryl's return arrived after Molly Shannon was announced as a new addition to the cast of the series. Molly will play the part of a Los Angeles-based business woman who gets drawn into the world of the investigation in New York, per Deadline. She is set to join Steve Martin, Martin and Selena Gomez in the fourth season of the comedy-mystery series.

Meanwhile, it's unknown if Jesse Williams, who first appeared in season 3, will make a return for the new season. Co-creator John Hoffman recently expressed hope to see him and Meryl again, saying, "I love them both, Jesse and Meryl, everyone. I mean, for God's sakes, I would bring Paul back if we can."

He added to THR, "Listen, I would bring everyone back, and that might happen. Victims, killers, they're all able to play in the landscape within this sort of certain narrative ways we can tell our stories."

John additionally hinted that Jane Lynch's character Sazz Pataki, who was murdered in the season 3 finale, might reappear through flashbacks. "I think the idea of what you create is a thing you put out to the world, and sometimes you can't be prepared for the repercussions of what potentially the world does with your thing, and how they feel about it," John told the publication.

"That's a challenging line to walk, and sometimes you have to face it in that way," he further elaborated. "So, the podcast and everything else that's happened, and what it all means, and what it could have been meaning all along. That's a really interesting world to look at for these three who stepped in that way."

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