Valerie Bertinelli Defended by Fans After Calling Out Critics Over Filtered Photos
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The 'Kids Baking Championship' host receives heartwarming supportive messages from social media users for her 'honesty and truthfulness' after flaunting her gray roots.

AceShowbiz - Valerie Bertinelli has had her devotees come in her defense following her message to haters. After calling out critics over her filtered photos, the "Kids Baking Championship" host was supported by many via social media.

The 63-year-old TV personality received plenty of heartwarming supportive comments from Instagram users on Tuesday, January 2. In the comments section of her new post, one in particular wrote, "Valerie - I cant believe the crap people say to you! The heck with all of them. I love your honesty and truthfulness! Just keep being you."

Similarly, another joined in, "Valerie. Without the filter you look stunning. There's always a Gladys Kravitz in the group so just know you are beautiful inside and out! Keep rocking your fabulous self." A third reminded the star, "Don't give that any energy friend. It aint worth it. I literally erase and ignore that noise. Did that for my sanity a long time ago. lol! Happy New Year gorgeous," adding a slew of red heart emojis.

Meanwhile, a fourth showered her with praise, "You are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood who has always been transparent about your life, and that is what separates you from those who are fake... You are definitely the REAL DEAL, and I think the majority of your fans think that you are absolutely adorable, honest, candid, and a breath of fresh air!!!"

In the post itself, Valerie uploaded a video, wherein she gave her response to several criticisms. In the clip, she was filmed embracing her natural face without any makeup and photo filters. She said, "I am filming with no filter today because some of you all get really bent out of shape when I choose to use a filter, which I've told you about."

"Sometimes I use a filter, and sometimes I don't. Most of the time, I do use filters because this is me with no makeup, and this is no filter," she continued. "Oh, and another person commented that I'm wearing a wig. Can you get me a wig without flipping gray roots then, please, because I'm tired of getting my roots done every two weeks," she added while showing off her gray roots to the camera.

Valerie additionally said, "Thank goodness 99.9 percent of you are really kind, sweet people and don't give a flying flip whether I have roots or I put a filter on." Near the end of the footage, she concluded, "But some of y'all need to chill out, ok? I mean seriously," before bursting into laughter.

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