Blueface Accused of Beating Up Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock for Trashing His House

The rapper's two baby mamas continue to team up and gang up on him by wreaking havoc on his house after Jaidyn and Chrisean hung out together on Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz - Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock continue to team up and gang up on Blueface. After "having fun" outside, the two ladies apparently headed to his home and wreaked havoc on his house, much to his dismay.

On Monday, December 4, Blueface went home to find his house having been completely trashed by his two baby mamas. He went live from Chrisean's phone to show the condition of his home, which was completely messy.

Chrisean was heard laughing while Jaidyn repeatedly told Blueface that he's an "embarrassment" and asked him to admit it. While the rapper managed to keep calm in the video, he apparently lost his cool after he turned off the livestream.

When he's back online, Jaidyn was seen fuming as she accused her fiance of beating her and Chrisean up. "You allegedly beat us up," she said in the second video. "You bust our a** up, why we care? Now what?"

Meanwhile, Blueface sounded disappointed that the girls now joined forces against him. "I ain't in the group no more?" he asked. "So I ain't part of the group?" he demanded to know, "So are you all kicking me out of the group?"

The "Thotiana" hitmaker also claimed that his two baby mamas were "trying to molest" him, to which Chrisean responded with "Ew."

Earlier that day, Chrisean and Jaidyn hung out together as seen during the former's Instagram Live. The two appeared to get along well as they trolled Blueface who was on the phone.

In the video, Blueface called his fiancee to check in on where she was as she was fuelling up the car. "We f**ked up, Blue," Chrisean chimed in from her seat. "We got too drunk and we got too cool and I don't know if we like it."

Chrisean then took the phone from Jaydin and told Blueface, "We're having fun." Alexis then hung up on the MILF Music founder and the two ladies burst into laughter after she said she couldn't "take it anymore."

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