Chrisean Rock 'Having Fun' With Jaidyn Alexis After Blueface Accused Chrisean of Abandoning Son
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The 'Baddies' star hangs out with her baby daddy's fiancee on Instagram Live after she claimed that the 'Thotiana' rapper beat up her friend Marsh, who was babysitting the child, while Chrisean was in the studio.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis have apparently bonded over their complicated relationships with Blueface. Following a series of back-and-forth with her former boyfriend since they called it quits, Chrisean was seen hanging out with her baby daddy's fiancee.

On Monday, December 4, the reality TV star turned on her Instagram Live while she was in a car. Surprisingly, she wasn't alone as Jaydin was seen sitting next to her. The two appeared to get along well as they trolled Blueface who was on the phone.

In the video, Blueface called his fiancee to check in on where she was as she was fuelling up the car. "We f**ked up, Blue," Chrisean chimed in from her seat. "We got too drunk and we got too cool and I don't know if we like it."

Chrisean then took the phone from Jaydin and told Blueface, "We're having fun." Alexis then hung up on the MILF Music founder and the two ladies burst into laughter after she said she couldn't "take it anymore."

Just hours before, Blueface accused Chrisean of abandoning their son to get a booty call. He posted on his Instagram Story on Monday morning, "My son ain't got no parent at four in the morning," labeling his baby mama a "booty b***h." Chrisean's friend Marsh, who was allegedly babysitting the child, was in the video, but Blueface insisted to take the child with him.

Sharing her side of the story, Chrisean claimed that she was working in the studio and had left her child under the care of Marsh before Blueface called her. "So long story short, I'm at the studio," she said on livestream. "It don't matter who I was wit. It could be wit K Suave, it could be with f**king Trippie. It could be with anybody. I'm at the studio n***a, and I'm trying to lay this record down. My BD is calling me, calling me, calling me. I'm like, 'What is he calling me for?' So I don't answer for real. So then I finally pick the f**k up, this n***a is with Marsh."

Chrisean, who was with Jaydin during the livestream, claimed, "And look, I'm with Jaidyn Alexis so everything I say is no cap. So I'm like, 'Marsh wassup?' She like, 'Sean you at the studio right?' I'm like, 'Yeah, what's up?' She like, 'Blueface just tried to take the baby! He's taking the baby!' I said, 'Bro, if you leave the baby, that's your a**.' She like, 'Bet. I'm not finna leave the baby, I'm not finna do nothing.' "

Chrisean additionally said that Blueface tried to have Jaidyn attack Marsh, but he ended up fighting her himself and later got into a car accident with the child. "I don't want no problem," she said. "I don't even know why this n***a came and kidnapped by baby from my house. I'm not keeping you from my child, none of that. After he made that recording, he trashed her. 'Cause I could show you Marsh face she got slits on her mouth and her face and her eye."

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