Selena Gomez opens Up About Living With Her Grandparents

The 'Only Murder in the Building' actress discusses her close relationship with her grandparents and how she enjoys bonding with her old relatives in the kitchen.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez enjoys living with her grandparents. The 31-year-old star has always shared a close relationship with her grandparents, and Selena has revealed that she often eats her grandma's leftovers.

"If it's a random Tuesday night, I'm definitely eating something my grandma made, probably [from] the night before," the "Selena + Chef" host said in an Instagram video.

Selena also loves to cook with her grandparents. The brunette beauty shared, "I live with my grandparents so we're always in the kitchen and we're always cooking. We always have leftovers so I'm pretty sure I won't be ordering in, it's got to be something from home."

The chart-topping star launched her "Selena + Chef" series in 2020, and she remains keen to learn new cooking skills. Selena is particularly eager to learn how to make sushi. She said, "We haven't even done that yet on our show and I would love to."

Meanwhile, Selena revealed earlier this year that she leans on her ten-year-old sister for advice. The "Lose You to Love Me" hitmaker admitted that her sister Gracie helps her to maintain a healthy "perspective on life."

The award-winning star - who has previously spoken about her mental health struggles - told Wondermind, "She's so innocent and pure. She helps me keep perspective on life. It's funny because she's ten; I am 31, and even with such a big age gap I love her advice. She is very wise."

Selena has also found strength in connecting with people who shares similar concerns. She said, "When I decided to be open about my mental health, people began to reach out and share their stories. Listening and connecting was the biggest gift because you feel less alone."

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