Amber Rose Insists 'It's Not a Big Deal' to Let Her Young Kids Drink Coffee Every Day

When making an appearance on 'No Jumper Podcast', the 'Good Mourning' actress reveals that she and her two sons usually sit down, talk and drink coffee together.

AceShowbiz - Amber Rose revealed that she gives her young children coffee. When making an appearance on "No Jumper Podcast", the "Good Mourning" actress insisted that "it's not a big deal" to let her sons drink coffee every day.

In a video from the podcast interview published on Friday, November 17, the 40-year-old star made the shocking revelation when she and hosts Adam22 as well as Lena The Plug talked about Lena's caffeine addiction. Adam said about Lena, "We drink so much coffee. She's fascinated by coffee, she's obsessed."

Upon learning that Adam and Lena do not give their child coffee, Amber revealed, "I give my kids coffee." She went on to say, "[My son] drinks coffee all the time." Shocked, Adam asked, "How much? Like a whole cup?" Amber stated, "Every morning, like, me and my kids sit and we drink coffee and we talk."

Adam asked one more time, "How much coffee are we talking? Like a little kid cup?" Amber replied, "No, like, a cup of coffee." In response, Lena questioned, "Wait you're kidding right? Oh my God my daughter never sits down if I gave her any coffee." Amber then stressed, "No, it's not a big deal. It's really not." Lena later recalled, "I mean I know my grandparents gave me like like black tea when I was a kid."

During the chat, Adam also explained, "But see how there's mad s**t that she thinks is normal because she's been through all this s**t. And then there's the stuff that we're being super careful about because it's our first kids so we're kind of assuming like this s**t is life or death. Turns out smoking a blunt in front of them, giving them coffee doesn't matter."

In the same interview, Amber noted, "No I mean I don't want to say it like that like do extra crazy s**t to your daughter but she'll be okay." She additionally stated, "Me and my kids literally drink coffee. And my four-year-old, he'll wake up like, 'I want coffee and breakfast.' "

Amber shares 10-year-old Sebastian Taylor with rapper Wiz Khalifa. She is also a mother to 4-year-old Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, whom she has with her former boyfriend and singer Alexander Edwards.

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