Katie Price Defended by Mom Amid 'Hurtful' and 'Unfair' Criticisms Over Her Parenting
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Amy Price insists her daughter, the 45-year-old British television personality who has five children from different relationships, is a 'fantastic mother.'

AceShowbiz - Katie Price's mum Amy Price insists her daughter is "not a bad mum." The 45-year-old former glamour model has five children - 18-year-old son Junior and 16-year-old daughter Princess, with Peter Andre, as well as 10-year-old son Jett, nine-year-old daughter Bunny, and Harvey, 21, from other relationships - and she has received criticism from trolls for her parenting over the years. Her mother says the comments are "really hurtful" and "unfair" as she is a "fantastic mum."

"People say she's a bad mum - she's not - she's a fantastic mum. People say she's a drug addict - she's not. I felt that stuff was really hurtful. We know what Kate is like, but I felt the way she had been portrayed was unfair. For me, I wanted to explain why she does what she does," Amy told Best UK magazine.

Amy says her daughter's ADHD makes her "impulsive" and she doesn't always know when to keep her mouth shut in certain situations, but that doesn't make her a bad mother. Asked if her daughter being diagnosed with the neurological disorder has made the family understand why she is the way she is, Amy replied, "Totally."

"It explains how she thinks differently to the way we do. She's not always logical and she can be quite impulsive - she has no filter. But now we understand it - it is just getting her to shut up! The highs and the lows, the mood swings - but she can help herself."

One thing Amy doesn't like about Katie is her "bad choice" in men. The reality TV star, who is currently with on/off partner Carl Woods, has been married three times before and had several failed romances - and Amy thinks she would be better off finding a "proper man" rather than a "young, pretty boy" or being single.

Katie was married to "Mysterious Girl" hitmaker Peter from 2005 until their divorce in 2009. She was later married to Alex Reid from 2010 to 2011, and she was wed to unfaithful husband number three Kieran Hayler - the father of Jett and Bunny - from 2013 until 2021. Katie had Harvey with former footballer Dwight Yorke.

And her mother admits Katie has made some "very bad choices" with her men and wishes she'd stop going for the same type. She told new! magazine, "When it comes to men, she's made some very bad choices. In fact, we're now at the stage where we don't talk about the men in her life. To us, it's so boring."

She added, "They're all clones of each other. We, as a family, say to her, 'When are you going to stop going for good-looking, young, pretty boys and go for a proper man instead? In some ways, she's better off being single and maybe having someone to take her out every now and then."

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