Fans Call for 'Stranger Things' Boycott After Noah Schnapp's 'Zionism Is Sexy' Video

In an Instagram Story video, which goes viral on social media, the Will Byers depicter and his friends can be seen laughingly promoting 'Zionism is sexy' stickers during a coffee shop outing.

AceShowbiz - Noah Schnapp landed in hot water after he was seen in an offensive video. The Instagram Story video, which circulated online on Monday, November 13, saw the "Stranger Things" star and his friends promoting "Zionism is sexy" stickers during a coffee shop outing.

The clip featured the Jewish-American actor laughing with friends as they proudly showed the "Zionism is sexy" and "Hamas is ISIS" stickers to the camera. One of his pals even made a silly face while putting the controversial stick on his forehead.

After the clip went viral on social media, the backlash was almost immediate as the Palestine-Israel conflict, which stemmed from Zionism, continues. Some users branded the Will Byers "disgusting" with one saying, "Seeing these rich people with huge smiles on their faces as they support a genocide from the comfort of a cute little coffee shop is disgusting."

Some fans also urged others to boycott the upcoming season 5 of "Stranger Things". "do not watch stranger things when s5 comes out. do not talk about it, do not share it. this is who youre supporting if you do. its time we deplatform zionists like this who use their fame to promote violent pro-israel propaganda," a fan said.

"will not be watching this year, and i hope ya'll won't either!!!! we don't wanna watch a zion*st #boycottstrangerthings," one other noted. Another user tweeted, "Someone leak the ending of Stranger Things plz. I just wanna know what happens, but I don't wanna watch that Zionist Noah Schnapp who thinks Genocide is Sexy. #BoycottStrangerThings."

Another fan of the Netflix sci-fi series wrote, "I stand with the demogorgon that took Noah Schnapp." One other said, "Disgusting, and I will never watch any of your films again, including Stranger Things."

Meanwhile, singer Lauren Jauregi was among the critics. "Who the f**k even evokes the word 'sexy' in the midst of genocide … There is an enjoyment of bloodshed, an enjoyment of death, a celebration of it," the former member of Fifth Harmony said.

Noah has yet to respond to the backlash.

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