Elisabeth Moss Details 'Girl, Interrupted' Tension Between Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder
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Reflecting on not being in the 'cool' camp during the rivalry between her two co-stars in the 1999 film, the 'Handmaid's Tale' actress admits to feeling 'intimidated' by Jolie.

AceShowbiz - While many female celebrities have spoken up on women's empowerment these days, things were apparently tense back when Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were shooting "Girl, Interrupted". Elisabeth Moss, who also starred in the 1999 film, has dished on the tension between her two co-stars in the movie.

"There were two kind of camps. There was the Winona Ryder camp and the Angelina Jolie Camp," said the "Mad Men" alum about the on-set rivalry. She noted that the division occurred "off camera but based on what was on camera," referring to the on-screen rivalry between Ryder's character and Jolie's.

Reflecting on not being in the "cool" camp, Moss, who became close friends with Ryder during the filming, admitted that she was feeling "intimidated" by Jolie. "I was in the Winona Ryder camp and the Angelina Jolie camp was really cool. Those were the really cool girls," she recalled.

When asked if she secretly wanted to be in Jolie's camp, the 41-year-old replied, "I was so intimidated by the Angelina Jolie camp. I had no thoughts of ever being able to be in that camp. It was so cool. It was all the cool girls."

Despite being "intimidated" by Jolie during the filming of the James Mangold-directed pic, Moss hinted that she has since had a good relationship with the Oscar winner. "I've spoken to Angelina since then, and she's lovely, but at the time, it was just incredibly intimidating," the "Top of the Lake" star further confided, adding that she didn't mention that recollection to Jolie when they met again.

"I've never brought it up and I'm sure she would have no idea what I was talking about anyway," Moss said of Jolie's rivalry with Ryder. "But I was just not -- I was definitely not cool enough to be in her camp."

Ryder previously alluded to the tension on the "Girls, Interrupted" set in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2010. She said she thought she had become good friends with Jolie while shooting, but she felt her co-star needed to see her more as her character to deliver her best performance.

Jolie's method acting worked as she earned the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the psychological drama.

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