Dua Lipa Applauded After Launching Summer Album 'Radical Optimism'

Shortly after launching her third studio album, the 'Dance the Night' songstress receives positive responses from her listeners, including those who call the set 'summer album.'

AceShowbiz - Dua Lipa has been showered with praise following the release of her third studio album. Shortly after launching "Radical Optimism", the "Dance the Night" singer received positive responses from her listeners.

On Friday, May 3, the 28-year-old British singer/songwriter unleashed the record, which consists of 11 tracks, on various music streaming platforms. One of the songs is "Happy for You", on which she discusses her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

On the track, Dua sings, "Late on a Tuesday, I saw your picture/ You were so happy, I could just tell/ She's really pretty, I think she's a model/ Baby, together you look hot as hell." She continues, "And I didn't even want to cry (Oh, what is this feeling?)/ Couldn't believe it, had to ask myself why."

Dua rhymes, "I must've loved you more than I ever knew/ (Didn't know I could ever feel)/ 'Cause I'm happy for you/ (Now I know everything was real)/ I'm not mad, I'm not hurt/ You got everything you deserve/ I must've loved you more than I ever knеw/ I'm happy for you."

The "New Rules" hitmaker continues, "And looking back now, I hope you see it/ Even the hard parts were all for the best/ I see where you're at now, you picked up the pieces/ And then you gave them to somebody else."

The latest set also features a song titled "End of an Era". On it, she sings, "What's it about a kiss that makes you feel like this?/ Makes me an optimist, I guess/ I always jump too quick, hopin' this one might stick/ Hopelessly romantic." She goes on singing, "Then you said, 'Hey,' and I said, 'Hey What's your name?' Come with me/ 'Cause when I see your face (Ah)/ The sweetest pleasure/ I feel like we're gonna be together/ This could be the end of an era/ Who knows, baby? This could be forever, forever."

After releasing the album, Dua got supportive messages from her listeners. One in particular gushed, "This album will win the summer album." Similarly, another exclaimed, "THIS IS SO SUMMERY YAY VIBES." About "End of an Era", a third said, "I'm so obsessed with this song right now because the production is so catchy but her background vocals gave it the perfect touch to make this experience more satisfying."

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