Colleagues of Fired 'ABC News' Weatherman Rob Marciano Criticize His 'Unexpected' Firing

In a new report, the 55-year-old meteorologist's colleagues defended him after he was let go from his position at 'ABC News' and 'Good Morning America' due to his alleged anger issues.

AceShowbiz - Peers of ABC news weatherman Rob Marciano were beyond shocked when finding out that he was fired due to alleged anger issues. In a new report, the 55-year-old meteorologist's colleagues defended Rob after he was let go from his position at "ABC News" and "Good Morning America".

A source told PEOPLE that Rob's co-workers found the firing "unexpected" as they had nothing bad to say about him. "Rob is always positive, hands-on and never anything but professional," the insider revealed. "People enjoy working with him and he's not difficult to work with."

It was also said that many felt it was "unbelievable he was let go." The source also denied accusations saying that he had chronic temper issues and received complaints from female coworkers for making them uncomfortable.

"The Rob Marciano being portrayed is not the Rob Marciano we know," the source told the publication. "Rob has always been nothing but professional. He is truly invested in his segments, cares a tremendous amount about his final work product."

Other sources, who are all women, also echoed the sentiment. "Rob was always such a nice guy and I loved when he stopped by my edit room to check on his weather packages," an unnamed editor said.

A former CNN colleague, meanwhile, noted that her "heart hurts" seeing people describe the weatherman in a bad light. "Rob is great. No one championed my career in that building more than he did and no one took care of the crew in the field better than he did in my 10 years of working there," she continued. "I had plenty of really bad encounters at CNN and people who treated me terribly."

Another former coworker dubbed Rob the "nicest, most professional and respectful person I've ever worked with." She elaborated, "He was hard-working and kind to everyone. So many people in news can be cut-throat, or creepy, or generally unpleasant, but Rob is not one of them. He's the definition of a standup guy."

Recently, it was said that Rob was terminated following a "heated screaming match" with a "Good Morning America" producer. News of his alleged outburst spread around the building with chief meteorologist Ginger Zee bringing it to the attention of higher-ups due to Rob's alleged history of questionable workplace behavior.

According to Page Six, Ginger had "encouraged the producer to talk to management" and "followed up" to make sure Rob was held accountable. Daily Beast, meanwhile, claimed that Rob liked to "overshare" information about his divorce with female staffers in addition to his "ongoing" anger management issues.

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