Tiffany Haddish Called 'Creepy' After Dancing Seductively in Front of Michael Jordan
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The 'Girls Trip' actress is slammed by Internet users after a video sees her dancing sexily in front of the former Chicago Bulls player and his wife while attending Usher's Las Vegas show.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish landed in hot water for her antics at Usher's show in Las Vegas. The "Girls Trip" actress was slammed by Internet users after a video saw her dancing sexily in front of Michael Jordan, who also attended the concert on Saturday, October 14.

The said clip featured Tiffany heading to the basketball player's VIP section. The actress later showcased her body moves for the former Chicago Bulls player and his wife Yvette Prieto while Usher crooned his hit "Nice & Slow". At one point, Tiffany pulled a woman to join her dancing.

Another video, meanwhile, saw Tiffany sticking out her tongue as she recorded Usher going shirtless on stage with her phone. "Boy sis was ready with the lizard tongue. She probably scared him," one user commented. "yall ever seen when a lizard prepares to snatch its food," someone added.

After catching wind of the footage, some Internet users were not impressed by Tiffany's antics. Some called her actions over the top, while some others said, "She's embarrassing." Another commenter wrote, "Doing the most."

One other called Tiffany "creepy" for her move. However, one fan came to the comedian's defense, saying, "Tiff having fun and since everyone calling her creepy everything she do is creepy."

This wasn't the first time Tiffany faced backlash for her "cringe" behavior. Earlier this month, the ex-girlfriend of Common was slammed by social media users for allegedly acting inappropriately towards Meek Mill at Jay-Z's charity event.

In a video shared on her social media page, the actress looked excited while Fabolous and French Montana performed on stage. She could be seen holding the camera and dancing on Meek, who could be heard telling her to watch out before she moved off of him. Meek played along as he said, "Bend that s**t over," to which she responded, "Don't play like that, I like that s**t. I like that s**t."

While Meek didn't seem to be bothered, social media users were not into Tiffany's behavior. "She make me cringe from her behavior," one person wrote in a comment. "I need Tiffany Haddish to stop acting this desperate.. Not pushing up on #Meekmill," another said.

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