Tiffany Haddish Called Out for Her 'Cringe' Behavior at Jay-Z's Charity Event
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The 'Girls Trip' actress is accused of being inappropriate again by twerking on Meek Mill at the REFORM Alliance event after chasing down and yelling at Shakira at 2023 MTV VMAs.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish is being dragged online again following her alleged "cringe" behavior at a recent event hosted by Jay-Z, Michael Rubin and Meek Mill. The comedienne has been slammed by social media users for allegedly acting inappropriate towards Meek at the black tie charity event.

Getting excited during the weekend gala, the actress filmed herself while Fabolous and French Montana performed on stage. In a video shared on her social media page, she was seen holding the camera and dancing on Meek.

At first Meek was just trying to be in her video, but didn't know what was going on. He can be heard telling Tiffany to watch out before she moved off of him. Fabolous, who caught the interaction from onstage, said, "I see you, Tiffany."

Meek, however, didn't seem too pressed about the situation because as the "Girls Trip" actress turned around to him, he told her, "Bend that s**t over," to which she responded, "Don't play like that, I like that s**t. I like that s**t."

While Meek seemed to play along with Tiffany, many social media users were not into her wild antics. "She make me cringe from her behavior," one person reacted to the video, as another echoed the sentiment by simply commenting, "Cringy (sic)."

"She acts like a teen girl. She's not all there mentally. She continues to make a mockery of herself," a third claimed, while another asked, "Why she still invited to these spaces??" A fifth person pointed out, "When Marlon Wayans says she needs to grow up there's a problem there." Another user warned, "I need Tiffany Haddish to stop acting this desperate.. Not pushing up on #Meekmill."

Tiffany herself seemed to have a good time at the first-ever REFORM Alliance Casino Royale. "Last night was so much fun!!!" she wrote on her Instagram story along with photos from the star-studded event.

Prior to this, Tiffany was called out for chasing down and yelling at Shakira at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. At the September 12 event, she kept following the Colombian singer backstage and shouted her name several times, although Shakira ignored her. Not stopping there, Tiffany also photobombed Shakira when the latter was striking a pose with her two trophies on the red carpet of the event.

After earning backlash for her antics, Tiffany was unapologetic as she fired back. "When people make videos about me or talk about me Good or bad. I just think Thank you all for making me more famous and relevant," the 43-year-old wrote in a tweet.

"I see it's driving the enemy crazy cause they really want to be where I am," the "Like a Boss" star added, before concluding, "It will never happen."

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