Tiffany Haddish Called 'Cringe' for Saying She Contemplates Selling Her Panties for Charity
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The 'Girls Trip' actress, who recently faced backlash over her trip to Israel, finds herself being attacked by social media users after saying she wants to sell her panties for charity.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish has landed in hot water over her latest social media post. The "Girls Trip" actress found herself being labeled so "cringe" for saying she contemplates selling her panties for charity.

The 44-year-old made her remarks in a series of Instagram Stories. I could sell them drawers. That's what I should do. I should sell them panties. That'll be a lot of money for the foundation," she said.

"So you, I'm going to clean half of room. I'm just going to clean out the closet," the comedienne continued. "Imma wash my clothes. Imma wash all my clothes today. That's what I'm going to do."

Tiffany's videos have since been reposted by several blogs on Instagram, which prompted online users to call her out. One person in particular argued, "She so cringe." Another added, "She crashed out bad."

A third commented, "I don't look at her the same, not to be negative, but like what happened." Someone else chimed in, "She needs to stop talking, seriously."

The criticism continued with one writing, "She's unwell. Nothing about this is funny. Weird." A different individual penned, "This is why people don't like you now. You do extremely too much." The other person stated, "She recorded this and deemed it appropriate enough to post. That's concerning."

Earlier this year, Tiffany faced backlash after posting about her trip to Israel. The "Night School" star was accused of going on a "propaganda tour" after sharing live footage from the country.

One user alleged, "Aww she got a all expense paid trip to spread propaganda." Another alleged, "She's on an influencer trip a few miles away from where kids being slaughtered. Must be fun." A third pointed out, "Meanwhile people on the other side are literally starving to death. Smfh dystopian af."

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