Tiffany Haddish Found Staying Away From Booze and Weed 'Not That Hard'

The 'Girls Trip' actress talks about embarking on a sobriety journey as she was ordered by a judge to stay away from alcohol and weed following latest DUI arrest.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish, the 44-year-old actress and comedian, has revealed that she has been sober for over two months. Haddish disclosed this during an appearance on British journalist Amanda de Cadnet's "The Conversation" podcast.

"I haven't drank any alcohol, smoked any weed, or anything in, like, 72 days," Haddish shared. She dismissed the notion that it was difficult for her, stating that substance use was not a significant part of her life.

"It's not hard. It's not that hard for me, 'cause it wasn't really, like, my main thing anyways," she explained.

Haddish's sobriety is "court-mandated" due to her two DUI arrests. She referenced her most recent arrest in November 2023 after she allegedly fell asleep at the wheel of her Tesla in Beverly Hills. She also mentioned a prior arrest in Georgia in January 2022.

Haddish explained that she only smoked weed to alleviate the pain from her endometriosis. However, her DUI arrests prompted her to re-evaluate her habits.

In the past, Haddish observed that substance abuse was not a significant issue in her life. However, her recent experiences have led her to recognize the prevalence of addiction, particularly among people in their 30s.

Haddish has also expressed gratitude for her sobriety journey, saying that it has taught her valuable lessons about friendship and boundaries. She has emphasized the importance of getting help when facing substance abuse issues and encouraged others to prioritize their well-being.

Despite her legal troubles, Haddish has maintained a positive outlook. She has joked about the situation during comedy sets and reassured fans that she still has a valid driver's license.

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