Sharon Osbourne Struggles to Put on Weight After Using Ozempic to Slim Down

Complaining that her current weight 'doesn't suit' her, the Osbourne matriarch claims she is now 'stuck' because she can't put on weight after using Ozempic.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Osbourne becomes "stuck" at a weight which "doesn't suit" her after shedding nearly 30lbs using controversial drug Ozempic. "The Osbournes" star has confessed using the injections to help her drop 28lbs, but she's now been left struggling to put weight back on and fears she isn't going to be able to change her shape.

"It's got a reverse effect on me personally, I don't know for everybody, I'm sure not. But I can't put on weight now, no matter whatever I eat. I'm stuck at this weight. And it's like my entire life I've wanted to be a certain weight, never got there, and now I have and it doesn't suit me and I don't like it and I can't change it," Sharon, 70, explained during an appearance on Talk TV.

Sharon has previously undergone surgeries to fit both a gastric band and a gastric sleeve to help her slim down in the past, admitting her weight left her suffering from depression so she tried many different plans in a bid to slim down.

She added during the Talk TV appearance, "There isn't one [weight loss idea I haven't tried]. My entire life and I'm seventy, I have fought weight, my entire life. It's affected my life to such a point. I had the gastric band, and had that removed, because it didn't work after a while."

"I then had the sleeve and you can't reverse the sleeve because they cut your stomach in half … it is what it is. You are stuck with that. After a while, it's all up here [in your mind]. It's all mental."

Earlier this month, Sharon insisted that using Ozempic to lose weight isn't "cheating." The former "The X Factor" judge - who is married to musician Ozzy Osbourne - urged people to "lighten up" about the use of the drug.

She told, "People think that it's a way of cheating, because you didn't work out for three hours a day, or you don't have some brilliant new trainer so you're cheating. It's not cheating. It's just something that you choose to lose weight. So, what is the biggie? I don't get it."

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