'No Jumper' Host Adam22 Dragged After Dishing on Drake's Junk

While the podcaster has nothing but nice things to say about the Canadian superstar's meat, Adam22 is called 'obsessed' and accused of clout chasing for sharing the story.

AceShowbiz - Adam22 has come under fire after bragging about seeing Drake's junk. In the latest episode of his "No Jumper" podcast, the controversial YouTuber claimed that he recently got the privilege of seeing the Canadian superstar's nude pictures.

Adam22 began recalling the time he was shown the NSFW photos by an unnamed woman, "You know what's crazy? The other day I was around this girl and she just showed me Drake's d**k on her phone." He said he initially didn't believe the woman, noting, "Somehow this just randomly came up and she's just showing me. I'm not believing it, and she could tell I'm not believing it. I'm like, 'Yeah, aiight.' "

"She goes right back to her f**king text messages, scrolls through the rest of it, shows me a bunch of other selfies and photos of him that I've never seen before. And I'm just like, 'What the f**k?' " the podcaster explained how the woman convinced him that they were indeed Drizzy's pictures.

"She's still trying to prove it to me more. She goes to the Instagram DM, shows me the f**king full Instagram history with the DM, the blue check, whatever. I don't know this girl to be a psychopathic liar or anything, but she showed me it," he continued.

"And the skin color matched up with the skin color that I would think Drake's d**k would actually be," Adam22 said how he came to the conclusion, before spilling the beans, "And I'm not gonna lie - I'm sure you're wondering right now, 'Adam, was it big? Was it small?' The man's got a missile on him! Like a baby arm, if you will."

Adam22's claimed was backed up by his wife, adult film star Lena the Plug, who wrote in an Instagram comment, "I saw the pic. He isn't lying [shocked face emoji] [crying face emoji]."

Adam22 didn't show the pictures, but fans were not impressed with his revelation. "A room full of dudes talking about another man's piece is wild," one person wrote in response to the episode.

Another claimed, "Adam is the only blogger obsessed with other mens meat." A third further alleged, "Clout is ah dangerous drug go heal and get better."

Some others suggested that Adam was paid by Drake to make up the story and say nice things about him. "Drake paid Adam to say all this [crying face emoji]," one Instagram user chimed in. Someone else added, "THIS SOUNDS SOOOO MADE UP JUST FOR DRAKE PUBLICITY [crying face emoji]."

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