Blueface Refuses to Acknowledge Paternity of Chrisean Rock's Son, Calls DNA Test a 'Lil Weird'

The 'Respect My Cryppin' ' rapper denies he is the father of Chrisean's son after her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie, reportedly claimed that the Los Angeles emcee is not the baby's dad.

AceShowbiz - Blueface believes that he is not the father of Chrisean Rock's son. The "Thotiana" rapper made the declaration after Chrisean's ex-boyfriend, Ronnie, reportedly claimed that the emcee is not the baby's dad.

"I knew there was something off I don't think that's my baby that dna test was alil weird when I read it seemed fake," the 26-year-old wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday, September 26. "I had no control over that test plus y would you have a baby in bmore when you an the 'alleged' father live in LA an the guy claiming the baby live in b more."

Blueface also quote-retweeted a screenshot of Chrisean liking a post that read, "Jaidyn make him do a real dna test. That's her ex Ronny's baby Ronny.doe on ig." In his own message, the Los Angeles native stated, "I thought I was trippin to until I seen this...she kinda told on herself an he is claiming the same thing as well."

In a follow-up post, Blueface declared, "I got 1 BM an 2 kids till further notice." He also added, "I'm free... This the best news I got all year."

The post didn't go unnoticed by Chrisean, who fired back at Blueface by writing, "B***h I'm Glad u wan leave us alone You be inna way of s**t anyways." She penned in another tweet, "U know how mad u made me wen u posted his penis. I'm still disgusted."

Chrisean was referring to a photo that showed her son's condition with hernia. The said image was uploaded to Blueface's Twitter account, but he claimed that he was hacked. "My phone was stolen yesterday I just got a new one guys im back my twitter was hacked," so he tweeted.

Chrisean didn't buy Blueface's claim though. She threatened to get the law involved in response to the incident. "Y'all right. This is what I get," she said on Instagram Live. "Because I gave a n***a the benefit of the doubt to be a dad, to also just expose his son for pleasure. What do you think people gon' do with that picture?"

"It's our son, but you treating it like it's my son. If it was your son, I wouldn't think you would post your son penis like that," the first-time mom continued fuming. "Then you think it ain't gon' get serious. Bro, you're going to go to jail... And I'm pressing charges. Yea, I'm doing all that, bro. I don't need no money, no child support, but I'm pressing charges. You wanna play this police game, OK."

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