Chrisean Rock Responds to Backlash for Not Supporting Baby's Head, Claims She's 'Overwhelmed'

While admitting to her 'mistake' for not properly tending to her 2-week-old son during the Walmart trip, the 'Baddies' star calls out Blueface for not helping her while she's running the house with a newborn baby and a dog.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock has spoken up on her viral Walmart video that earned her criticism from parenting police. After landing in hot water over how she carried her baby in the clip, the new mom admitted that she was "overwhelmed."

On Friday, September 22, the raptress hopped on Instagram Live to address the backlash. She explained she was juggling the baby, dog and 2 full carts with only 2 hands during the shopping trip.

"When you're a mother you get overwhelmed and so much be going on for real in your head," she began. "So I'm at Walmart and s**t. Two carts full, they're getting the carts together and s**t. I'm trying to take the baby out of the thing."

Blasting a woman who took the video instead of helping her, Chrisean continued, "The girl that's recording, you could have at least said, 'Do you need help?' You recording me because I'm famous, it's annoying. But you're recording me instead of helping me. That's one thing. Two, I'm a beginner. There's a lot going on. I have my dog. It's just a lot going on."

Chrisean also called out Blueface for not offering any help while she's running the house with a newborn baby and a dog. She claimed that she tries to be "very considerate" of her baby daddy's busy schedule and often offers to run errands and pick up the slack.

"I have a baby," she explained. "Why he not asking me, 'What's up what we gotta do with this house?' He not asking me none of that. He's really trying to stay out of it like I got a n***a doing it for me. And I respect him, so I don't have a n***a doing s**t for me right now. But what do I look like? Struggling in Walmart like that? You feel me?...All of that is on me. All of that is on me. I probably could have took my time more. But bruh I swear to God all day I'm running errands."

The "Baddies" star later fired back at Blueface's mom Karlissa Saffold who also weighed in on the video. "This is not your grandbaby. It's my baby, for real," she hit back at Karlissa. "You acting like you wanna get beat up again!" the mother of one yelled, referencing their past altercation.

"That video, I get it, it's hurting and breaking everyone's hearts... Imma just move slower, ok?" the new mom then promised. Admitting that it was "a complete mistake," she doubled down on her criticism of the person who took the video. She concluded, "That was a complete mistake, but the b***h that recorded, you're weird!"

Chrisean came under fire after a video surfaced on Thursday showing her not properly holding her newborn son in Walmart. The reality TV star was carrying the 2-week-old boy in a forward baby carrier without supporting his head, letting the baby's head fall back as he fell asleep.

After seeing the video, Blueface was seemingly left speechless. "Trust me I'm just as surprised as y'all," he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Meanwhile, Blueface's mom Karlissa gave her two cents on the matter via Instagram Live. "Got my goddamn baby in the grocery store with the goddamn s**t folded over, and he doing the backbend like he in goddamn gymnastics already," she said on Thursday.

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