Lil' Kim Accused of Lying After Insisting She Never Approved Heavily Edited Magazine Cover

Keith Major, the mag's Director of Photography, has also countered the rapper's claims, saying that 'she wanted to be in control of the retouching.'

AceShowbiz - Lil' Kim has set the record straight on her Ebony magazine cover. The Queen Bee vehemently denied approving the heavily edited picture, but many online users accused her of lying.

Sharing the said image on Instgaram Story, the 49-year-old argued, "Who is this? Cuz that's not the photo I approved or any other content they've put out." She then explained, "I always told Ebony it looked like a painting but they didn't wanna listen. They said they love it. It's the sabotage for me. The funny s**t about this, is that this is THEIR retoucher!"

Kim also shared a screenshot of a comment from her fan who came to her defense. "One minute yall in the comments dragging her cuz yall thought she did the edit, now that shes clearing it up yall still got something to say. Leave her alone. She couldve stayed silent like she always does if shes speaking up it must be tru," it read.

"The media been running with this bad image of kim for years," the message added. "And she actually looks good in person and videos yall choose to pick and show the bad ones to push that narrative .. leave her alone."

Kim's posts have backfired though. A number of Instagram users mocked her even more with one writing, "Man listen, as a photographer, Kim is lying her a** off. Look at his other work, clearly he handed over his RAW files to the wrong people on Kim's team and they ruined his work. He should sue Kim and Ebony!"

"Tbh. He's an independent contractor not an employee of Ebony, and at this point they are tarnishing his name in an effort to save faceā€¦ literally," the individual added. "Unfortunately for them, and the plastic surgeons, her face simply cannot be saved. Nice try tho."

Another commented, "kim please!!! your IG photos look the same boo. i guess ebony's retoucher is doing those as well." Someone else chimed in, "Kim is lying. If you go to her instagram the photos look just like that shoot. She looks like a imvu character."

Keith Major, the mag's Director of Photography, has also countered Kim's claims. "Man, she wanted to be in control of the retouching so this is what we got," he penned in an Instagram comment.

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