Blac Chyna Receives Lots of 'Cool Stuff' From Fans After Ditching Fillers and implants

The former 'Rob and Chyna' star feels more connected with her fans after she got rid of her fillers and implants and embraced her birth name Angela White.

AceShowbiz - Blac Chyna has felt closer to her fans since embracing her real name Angela White. The 35-year-old reality star has had a dramatic transformation recently, ditching her TV persona from her true self as she removed her facial killers earlier this year to go for a more natural look.

"Just by me being open and honest and vulnerable, I've been connected with so many other people," she told People magazine.

She noted that since shedding her persona, she has received "emails and letters" from fans, which never happened as Chyna. She added, "Angela White be getting letters... I'd be getting Bibles, I'd be getting all type of cool stuff. I'm like, 'Okay.' I'm like, 'People love me.' "

The former "Rob and Chyna" star insisted she has "outgrown" that phase of her life and career, and she was "tired of the look." Addressing the decision to remove her fillers, she explained, "First of all, I'm tired of the look. And it's just not flattering, it's not what I look like."

"It totally changed my face, and I'm just ready to get back to Angela. Blac Chyna's Blac Chyna, you know what I mean? I feel like I've outgrown that, and it's just time for a change. And I just want to be good."

She joked she was "looking like Jigsaw" from the "Saw" horror franchise with makeup artists contouring to make her look "even more dramatic" when she had her fillers in. She said, "I'm on my journey right now, and I just want to start fresh, clean. And shout-out to the girls who wanna get fillers, we're not saying, 'Don't do it.' But just for me, I'm just kinda over the whole face."

However, Angela admitted she also wanted to avoid getting "sick" from the fillers. She told Extra, "A lot of people get sick from it, a lot of people die from it and I just didn't want to be that person."

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