Elon Musk Reveals Amber Heard in Angelic 'Overwatch' Cosplay After She's Dubbed a 'Nightmare'
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The SpaceX founder shares a never-before-seen picture of his ex-girlfriend dressing as a character named Mercy from the popular video game following shady comments from his brother about the actress.

AceShowbiz - Elon Musk has proudly shown Amber Heard in her angelic cosplay after his brother dubbed her a "nightmare." Confirming that his ex-girlfriend dressed as a character from "Overwatch", the 52-year-old business magnate has posted a never-before-seen image of the actress dressing in cosplay.

The billionaire took to his account on X (formerly Twitter) that he owns to give a look at the "Magic Mike XXL" star dressing as a character named Mercy from the popular video game. In the photo he uploaded on Wednesday, September 13, she glared down the camera while donning the white costume, halo, wings and suspenders.

Amber apparently dressed as Mercy after Elon told her that she reminded him of the character. According to his new biography, "He told her that she reminded him of Mercy, his favorite character in the video game 'Overwatch'. So she spent two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play for him."

Responding to a tweet about the incident in the book, the tech mogul confirmed, "She did dress up as Mercy. It was awesome."

While Elon has gushed over Amber, his close ones have different opinions on the actress. In the book written by journalist Walter Isaacson, it's claimed that his brother Kimbal Musk and friends hated the 37-year-old star, with Kimbal describing her as a "nightmare."

"[Elon's] brother [Kimbal Musk] and friends hated [Amber] with a passion that made their distaste for Justine [Wilson, Elon's first wife] pale," Walter pens. The book also quotes Kimbal as saying, "It's really sad that he falls in love with these people who are really mean to him. They're beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side and Elon knows they are toxic."

Meanwhile, Elon's ex-fiancee Grimes slams Amber over her "chaotic evil" vibes in the bombshell book. The Canadian artist, who dated Elon from 2018 to 2021 and shares three children with him, compares herself to the "Aquaman" star in the book. "My 'Dungeons & Dragons' alignment would be chaotic good. Whereas Amber's is probably chaotic evil," the singer tells journalist Walter Isaacson who writes the book. "He's attracted to chaotic evil."

The "Oblivion" songstress blames Elon's affinity for toxic relationships on his upbringing with his dad Errol Musk. "It's about his father and what he grew up with, and he is quick to fall back into being treated badly," she explains. "He associates love with being mean or abusive. There's an Errol-Amber through line."

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