Ne-Yo's BM Sade Vows to Keep Protecting Her Kids Despite Arrest for Helping Son in Fight

Sade Bagnerise, who previously showed off her ankle monitor on social media, declares that she doesn't 'condone bullying and will always protect my kids with my life.'

AceShowbiz - Ne-Yo's baby mama doesn't regret having trouble with the law as long as she did it for her kids. Sade Bagnerise, who was previously arrested for allegedly helping her son fight some classmates, defended her actions that resulted in her being placed on an ankle monitor.

When sharing her side of the story, Sade wrote on Instagram Story, "I will never understand bullying someone and then playing victim when they stand up for themselves. I don't condone bullying and will always protect my kids with my life." She added, "This has been so stressful to deal with from the charges to the ankle monitor but that's my son and when nobody had his back I have to have it."

Sade then unleashed a screenshot of ring camera footage that showed her son being beaten up by three 16-year-old football players. Alongside the snap, she explained, "Jumping, attacking, antagonizing, threatening and BULLYING someone YOU started with. Mutually agreed to catch a one on one fade after he confronted u for randomly posting his pictures online calling him a MONKEY for no apparent reason at that and then did this MARK ahhh bs."

"Mind you, they take the same bus to and from school and my son didn't even know him or his NAME. Just a straight up BULLY," she further fumed. "We don't condone bullying over here. I will always protect everybody I love especially my KIDS."

Sade also shared a post with a "say no to bullies" sticker. She captioned it, "Listen to audio. 'He's leaking' and choke hold him down and while he's defenseless clocks him hard af!!!' " she argued. "Then posted the video all over their socials to humiliate him at school and did the most atl ish I ever heard of and dropped a DISS RECORD about it. but playing victim is insane."

Many sympathized with Sade. "I can't judge her cause Ima do the same for mine," one Instagram user commented. "She did no wrong!" another added, while a third penned, "As tf she should. Teach your children to leave people kids alone."

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