'The Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Find Out If Charity Lawson Accepts Any Proposal

Airing on Monday, August 21, the finale of the long-running ABC show's season 20 revealed whether the leading lady got engaged at The Final Rose Ceremony.

AceShowbiz - It's time for Charity Lawson to make the final decision. Airing on Monday, August 21, the finale of "The Bachelorette" season 20 revealed whether the leading lady got engaged at the Final Rose Ceremony following Aaron's return.

Charity decided to have dinner with Aaron. "I recognize the effort he has put into coming all the way here," she explained in a confessional. "It's no small effort. It's a grand gesture. At this point my fear is…can we get there? I don't know what I'm going to do."

While she admitted that Aaron was the first man throughout this journey who she envisioned as her husband, she noted that her feelings for Joey and Dotun were stronger. She presented roses to Joey and Dotun at the Rose Ceremony, eliminating Aaron for the second time.

Back in the studio, Aaron talked about his decision to return. "That 12 hour flight [to Fiji] was the hardest part," he told host Jesse Palmer. "I felt a lot of things. I never put myself out there like that before in past relationships. I've never come out of my shell in that way. It was a huge risk, but I knew in this confined environment that you have to put your best foot forward and I was not going to give up."

Following the Rose Ceremony, Charity introduced the two remaining men to her family. The first one to meet her family was Joey. He had genuine conversations with Charity's family members. Charity's mom thought that Joey fit in the family "just fine" and could be the one for her daughter.

Next, it was Dotun's turn to meet Charity's family. Charity's mom said that Dotun checked all the boxes, though she's worried that Charity was just gravitating towards him because he's "familiar." Her sister pointed out that Charity glowed more when she was with Joey and was more affectionate with him.

Charity asked her family for their opinion about who they thought she should pick. "I can't just tell her. I can't put out words because I'll have to be responsible for those words," Charity's mom said. "No matter what I say to her at this point in time, it has to be her decision. I think she knows she has to do this herself."

Charity was set to have one final date with each man. During her date with Joey, he gave her a version of the poem from their one-on-one date. Later during her date with Dotun, he surprised Charity as he planned a treasure hunt for her.

At the Final Rose Ceremony, Joey was the first to arrive with an engagement ring that he picked before. Charity told him that she couldn't choose him while in tears. They reunited for the first time at After the Final Rose. They expressed their gratitude for one another as they reminisced on their journey.

Back at the Final Rose Ceremony, Dotun expressed his love for Charity. He got down on one knee and popped the question. Charity gladly accepted it as she also gave him the final rose.

In the studio, Dotun later came out to join Charity on the couch. The couple revealed that it felt great to finally be in public together as they had been hiding their relationship for months because of the show. Both of their families were in the audience and they can't be happier as both families showed support for them.

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