'Bachelorette' Recap: Charity Lawson Shows Gratitude to Her Former Suitors During 'Men Tell All'

The new episode of the long-running ABC dating show sees the leading lady sitting down with the eliminated men for a night full of confrontations, apologies and emotions.

AceShowbiz - It's time for "The Men Tell All" in season 20 of "The Bachelorette". Airing on Monday, August 14, the new episode of the long-running ABC dating show saw leading lady Charity Lawson sitting down with the eliminated men for a night full of confrontations, apologies and emotions.

Joining Charity in the studio were Spencer, Adrian, Peter, John, James, Caleb B., John Henry, Michael, Aaron S., Brayden, Xavier, Tanner and Sean. In the episode, Sean started the drama by dubbing Brayden manipulative and fake. Brayden denied the allegations, noting that he left because he knew there was nothing there for him.

Adrian also pointed out that Brayden once called Charity classless. Brayden said he never did that, but the audience confirmed that he did. Tanner also claimed that Brayden became more negative every week despite the validation he got from Charity.

The episode also saw James opening up about feeling frustrated with Sean, who stole time away with Charity even after getting a one-on-one date with her. Peter, who was eliminated on the first night, also said he was upset that people made fun of him online.

Later when he was in the hot seat, Xavier revealed why he decided to come clean to Charity about being unfaithful in his past relationship. He said that he just wanted to be honest with her but his confession made Charity send him home instead. He shared that he has been having a hard time getting past it since then, so he got himself a therapist.

He stressed that he denounced cheating. He also said that there was no doubt in his heart that he wanted to be with her, he just had a doubt in his head. He claimed that the fact that Charity didn't tell him that she loved him messed with his mind. Despite that, Xavier said that he's grateful for the experience.

The episode also saw Charity admitting to feeling nervous coming into her journey and how she felt like she just clicked with Brayden. She thanked Brayden for coming on the journey, though she told him that she didn't like how he talked about their relationship to the other guys. He apologized for telling the guys and if he hurt her.

Host Jesse Palmer later treated viewers to a new trailer for "The Golden Bachelor" featuring leading man Gerry Turner. In the sneak peek, Gerry admitted, "I want to fall in love. I really want to find my person, who can put me in my place when I need it and make me smile at it. The person who can lay down beside you at night [and] not have to say anything, and you can feel it. That's love. That's what I want. And I know that person's out there."

Jesse also gave a sneak peek of Charity's final days in Fiji where she's in love with three incredible guys. Charity could also be seen asking her mom for her opinion on who to choose.

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