Kandi Burruss Brags About Her Accomplishments When Responding to NeNe Leakes' 'Not Exciting' Diss

Among the achievements that make the singer think she's still 'winning' are becoming the first woman to win Songwriter of the Year (at ASCAP) and becoming the first woman to win 'The Masked Singer'.

AceShowbiz - Kandi Burruss has a perfect response to NeNe Leakes' recent diss. After being called "not exciting" by her former co-star on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", the singer said she's still winning as she has a lot of accomplishments.

The 47-year-old reacted to NeNe's statement in an interview with 92Q Jams. "Regardless of what she – or anyone says about me - I'm winning. I go hard or go home for everything that I do, every project that I am part of. I have been winning with things before she even thought about being on TV," she said.

Noting that she "was in 12th grade with a #1 record," Kandi added that she was also "the first woman to win Songwriter of the Year (at ASCAP)." She continued, "I was the first woman to win 'The Masked Singer' for everyone that wants to say I can't sing. Real talk. And…I am the longest running Housewife on ANY franchise. 14 seasons straight."

"When it comes to reality TV, one person cannot make a show. People get mad because I've had so many spin-off shows. But the fact is I - by myself - am an ensemble cast. By myself. You see my family, my Momma (who is a star), my husband, my kids, my Aunts, the restauants, everyone that works there, the Kandi Koated Kliq (Don Juan, Carmen)," she further elaborated. "I come with people who are ready to participate in my life and let it be seen by the world. I'm ok with everyone in my team shining.

Kandi went on to share, "Now, some certain people want to shine by themselves and that is the problem. They want to shine more than everyone else and then they go outside of those people and you see that you ain't shining as bright." She then concluded, "That be the problem."

NeNe dissed Kandi when appearing on the "Reality with the King" podcast more than a week prior. "I think that Kandi is not exciting. I just don't think she's so exciting, I don't think the camera loves her," she told host Carlos King. "I think the camera loves her family, but I don't think they love her."

"I don't think the viewers, I don't think anybody ever sees Kandi as much as they want to make Kandi the star, she's like been there for a hundred years and she's her," NeNe added. "I don't think everyone tunes in and believes that. I don't think anybody tunes in and be like, 'Oh my God! She's bringing it in! She's so everything!' "

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