Donald Trump Claims He Won't Get Fair Trial Unless Judge Presiding Over His Case Is Changed
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The MAGA leader plans to demand the judge who is currently presiding over his case step aside and his case be moved out of the capital city of the United States.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump is determined to ask the judge in his alleged election fraud case to step down. The 77-year-old former US president is slapped with charges including conspiracy to defraud America, tampering with a witness and conspiracy against the rights of citizens, stemming from his actions in the wake of the 2020 election, after he was indicted for a record third time.

Saying he has "very powerful grounds" for his demand to change judges in his latest case, the businessman-turned-politician claimed "there is no way I can get a fair trial" unless he has a different lawmaker.

Trump's call came after the prosecution requested a court order that would limit what he can publicly say about the case. He also said he would request a venue change and for his case to be moved out of Washington D.C.

The judge on his case, Tanya Chutkan, was appointed by former President Barack Obama. Trump said on his Truth Social platform on Sunday, August 6 morning he wanted her replaced and dismisses his case as based on "the ridiculous freedom of speech/fair elections." He has said there would be "no way I can get a fair trial, or even close to a fair trial, in Washington," which he describes as an "anti-Trump" area.

Trump's lawyer John Lauro said the former president believed in his "heart of hearts" he'd won the 2020 election and prosecutors will not be able to prove this wasn't his belief. He gave no other details of his grounds for asking the judge to step aside.

Judge Chutkan, appointed in 2014, previously ruled against Trump's efforts to shield evidence from the House January 6 Committee. She is the only federal judge in Washington to delivered sentences against defendants in cases related to the Capitol riot on 6 January that are longer than the sentences demanded by the Department of Justice. Judge Chutkan is expected to call in attorneys from both sides on 28 August to discuss setting a trial date against the former president.

Trump now faces five upcoming trials. They include three criminal trials which include his alleged mishandling of classified documents, accounting fraud and these election charges. He also faces two civil trials over business practices and alleged defamation of a woman who has accused him of rape.

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