Will Smith and Kevin Hart Have Giggle Fit While Impersonating 'Close Talker' Tom Cruise
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Sitting down for the season finale of 'Hart to Heart', the 'King Richard' star and the comedian hilariously mimic the way the 'Mission: Impossible' actor talks.

AceShowbiz - Will Smith and Kevin Hart have a lot of fun mocking Tom Cruise for being a "close talker." During the season finale of "Hart to Heart" which was released on Thursday, August 3, the two cracked up while impersonating the action movie star and his passionate way of speaking.

"Tom was the blueprint to me for promotions," Will said during the conversation. "He took it most seriously. And I watched him. I studied everything that he did. And I was trying to outdo Tom Cruise in terms of promotion."

"He's so f**king competitive," Kevin chimed in. That's when the comedian revealed that the "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One" star is "a close talker too." Will tried to justify Tom's gesture, "He just wants you to understand what he said."

Kevin then held a hand up close to his face to demonstrate that "Tom talks right here." Both the comic and Will proceeded to lean in and do hilarious impressions of Tom to show how their conversations had gone with the actor. They pretended to have an intense conversation and it ended with Kevin impersonating Tom's laugh.

"I said it respectfully to Tom, because he scared me when he first did it," Kevin admitted. "Yeah. He just comes in," Will confirmed it, before the "Jumanji: The Next Level" star added, "He got real close."

"He just wants you to feel what he's talking about," the Oscar-winning actor went on explaining. Kevin, meanwhile, was more vocal as he recalled, "I said, 'Whoa, Tom.' Yes. That's a lot." Will offered that his reaction is to "try to laugh and cross your arms," as Kevin added that he would tell Tom to "back up."

Despite their encounters with Tom, neither Will nor Kevin has worked directly with the 61-year-old hunk. Still, they acknowledged that his passion is what makes him so successful. "He's f**king aggressive, that's the aggressive, competitive nature," Kevin said. Will agreed as saying, "He gets it done."

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