Summer Walker Drags Jayda Cheaves Into Posts Hinting at Split From Lil Meech

The 'Girls Need Love' songtress says she tried her 'best to be jayda wayda' as she insinuates that she has called it quits with the 'BMF' actor due to his alleged infidelity.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker and Lil Meech have seemingly broken up after only three months of dating. The R&B artist hinted at their split via her social media posts and she couldn't help but drag Jayda Cheaves into the drama.

Making use of her Instagram Stories on Monday, July 31 to seemingly declare her newly-single status, Summer insinuated that Meech's infidelity played a factor in the end of their relationship. "Can't do that cheatin stuff," she wrote on one of her Stories.

In a separate Story, the 27-year-old said that she tried her "best" to be Jayda, whose celebrity ex Lil Baby was accused of being unfaithful during their relationship. "Tried my best to be jayda wayda but I couldn't," she added. "It was cute though, I wish him the best."

Catching wind of Summer's post, Jayda didn't let it slide as she wasn't happy that the "Playing Games" songstress mentioned her. "I learned my lesson after ONE kid. Mfers round here starting they own trends and tryna INSERT ME in for laughs on the shade room. NO," she commented on The Shade Room's post about Summer's Stories.

Jayda, who shares a four-year-old son named Loyal Armani with Lil Baby, added on her own Story, "Mfers stay tryna be cap cool in DMs but weird publicly. This why I be off this s**t." Her pal Dess Dior also stepped into TSR's post to blast Summer, writing, "She could've got the same point across without mentioning Jayda. We've all hade our run with a n***a including u! STOP IT."

Other social media users also slammed Summer for bringing up Jayda on her posts about her split with Meech. "Summer that was incredibly lame," one disappointed fan posted. Another penned, "Hate when women try to bring other women down with their miserable life choices..that's low vibrational wak!! Own and stand on YOUR own without bringing another woman down!' another wrote." A third added, Dragging another female in your scandal is outrageous.

Two weeks before posting the Stories, Summer reacted to a fan who floated pregnancy speculation when she shared a mirror selfie. The said fan wrote, "Why do your stomach look pudge don't make me mad summer lol."

In response, Summer explained, "Cause I had THREE KIDS HO & no lipo lol." She added, "Lol y'all need to stop asking me this lil lil meech ain't coming no time soon lol relax I'm finta tour soon no time for that right now."

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