Hulk Hogan Has Got Three Inches Shorter Due to Numerous Injuries From Wrestling Career

The former WWE champion reveals the number of surgeries he has undergone over the years due to numerous surgeries from wrestling and the impact they had on his body.

AceShowbiz - Hulk Hogan has become almost three inches smaller due to numerous injuries from his wrestling career. The WWE Hall of Famer, 69, who enjoyed a successful wrestling career spanning almost four decades, has been open about the long-lasting impact the industry had on his body and now he has revealed it has even changed his height.

"I think internally, I'm healthy. It's just I've used my body so bad. The last 10 or 12 years, I've had 25 surgeries," he said on the "This Past Weekend" podcast. "It's kind of weird because when I went to do 'Rocky III' when my mother was still alive, if she would come to by house, she'd go, 'Yo T, come over here, the first thing I wanna do is measure you!' "

"That's what she did to me before I went to do the 'Rocky' movie, I was 335 lbs, I was six foot seven on the nose. Right before my mother died a few years back, she wanted to measure me - I was six four and a half."

Hogan - whose mother died in 2011 aged 88 - detailed his list of surgeries which contributed to his changing stature. He added, "Between the 10 back surgeries, the two knee replacements, the hip replacements, the abdominal stuff, the shoulders, all the surgeries I've had. Plus, you get older, you shrink a little."

The 69-year-old star - whose real name is Terry Bollea - admitted he also needs to use a cane if he has to walk more than a few feet. He explained, "I can pretty much walk on my own from here to that door, but if it gets too further than that, then I get a walking stick, which is embarrassing as hell!"

Hogan is "trying to adapt," and he told the interviewer that he was preparing to go to the doctor for more scans. He revealed, "I'm having some more issues with my back, they're gonna see if the disc is pushing into the spine above the hardware. If it is, then they wanna go from the middle of my back up to my neck. If the disc isn't pushing on the spinal chord, they don't want to do more surgery."

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