Sigourney Weaver 'Happy' Her Non-Binary Child Didn't Go Into Acting
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When speaking about the career direction of her only child with her theater director husband Jim Simpson, the 'Avatar' actress admits that they're glad her child isn't into acting.

AceShowbiz - Sigourney Weaver is overjoyed her non-binary child didn't go into acting and is instead "excited" about the possibilities of artificial intelligence. The "Aliens" actress, 73, has Char, 33, with her theater director husband Jim Simpson, 67, whom she married in 1984, and first revealed how they identified in December.

She has now told the Sunday Times about their only child and their career direction, "They are nonbinary. They teach at Columbia, digital storytelling, bots, misinformation, they are someone who is excited about AI and not frightened about it. They were not at all interested in doing what I do. That made my husband and me very happy."

Sigourney said on the "Smartless" podcast with hosts Will Arnett, Sean Hayes and Jason Bateman about life with her husband, "We have a wonderful daughter who's now 32 - I don't know how, she still looks 12... in fact, they're nonbinary and they teach."

The actress told The Guardian in 2010 being a mum is "absolutely the most important thing" in her life.

She added, "My family comes first and I'm so grateful to them that they let me go off and make films. But, you know, I find it very difficult to leave them. I hate it. I have had therapy and found it helpful in dealing with the guilt I've felt about leaving them. Going to New Zealand to make 'Avatar' when my (child) was applying to colleges almost killed me."

She said she "would have loved" to have expanded her family further, but added "there are no regrets now because I feel so fortunate that I have one - I didn't get married (until) I was 34."

Sigourney added, "I didn't want to have children right away. You get the hand you're dealt, and it took me a long time when I did want a second child, to just wake up and go, 'Why aren't I enjoying the child I have?' "

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