Elton John Offers Deadpan Answer When Appearing at Kevin Spacey's Trial as Witness
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The 'Rocket Man' singer gave evidence via video link with his husband as he's questioned if he recognized one of the men who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the 'House of Cards' star.

AceShowbiz - Sir Elton John quipped he "wouldn't notice the Queen" in a crowd while giving evidence at Kevin Spacey's sexual assault trial on Monday, July 17. Giving evidence via video link from Monaco, the "Rocket Man" hitmaker and his husband David Furnish were quizzed about whether the disgraced actor - who is facing 12 charges of sexual assault from four alleged victims - had stayed at their Windsor home, and also if they recognised any of the alleged victims.

"I'm looking straight forward at my car there," Elton said when asked about a photo of himself which featured one of the complainants holding an umbrella outside the Victoria Palace theatre after a performance of '"Billy Elliot".

"When I come out of the theatre, it's always a mad rush to get into the car. Anyone who is on my periphery, I wouldn't notice them. It could be the Queen and I wouldn't notice her."

But his husband recalled engaging in "playful banter" with one of the alleged victims. Asked if he recognised the unnamed man, David said he did and added, "He was a little bit cheeky, he always had a cheeky smile on his face. You could always engage in playful banter with him." Asked if he thought the man was "good looking," he replied, "He was very handsome."

The couple were quizzed about the "House of Cards" star's presence at one of their White Tie and Tiara Fundraising balls in the early 2000s, on the way to which Spacey is accused of sexually assaulting his driver. Elton confirmed the 63-year-old actor had stayed at their Windsor home after the party, but added, "I can't remember him coming down after that."

The 76-year-old singer was asked about Spacey's travel arrangements for the ball and said, "He arrived in white tie, he came in a private jet and came straight to the ball." Asked to confirm he had flown in by private jet, Elton quipped to prosecutor Christine Agnew, "I assume so. I don't think he was wearing white tie on a commercial flight."

The jury at Southwark Crown Court heard Spacey had bought a red Mini Cooper during the charity auction, and Elton confirmed it had stayed in storage at his house for some time afterwards.

Meanwhile, David was asked if Spacey had attended more than one event but explained OK! magazine sponsored the fundraisers and it was made clear to guests they would be photographed on arrival, so when he checked back through the archive, the "American Beauty" star was only seen at the 2001 event.

The prosecutor asked, "If someone came to the ball and didn't want to be photographed, was that wish abided by?" David replied, "It never happened. It was understood we were promoting a charity involving the eradication of stigma surrounding disease. For celebrities wanting to come to our event, it was always understood they needed to be photographed... [Spacey] was an Oscar winning actor, there was a lot of buzz and excitement that he was at the ball."

The trial continues.

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