Tiffany Haddish Recalls Being 'Homeless' and 'Hungry' Prior to Her Blooming Career
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During an interview, the star of 'The Afterparty' makes a shocking confession that she used to crash weddings for free food when she was 'homeless' and 'hungry.'

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish has recalled her struggles when she was "homeless" and "hungry." Prior to her blooming career, the actress of "The Afterparty" revealed what she did during her difficult years.

The revelation was made when the 43-year-old had an interview with PEOPLE. In an article published on Wednesday, July 12, she admitted, "I've crashed weddings before, given a speech and didn't know anybody there. That's when I was homeless and hungry."

The comedian used to visit a hotel in the Westchester neighborhood in Los Angeles. The venue was a good choice for her because it often hosted nuptials. She recounted, "I would have two or three drinks, and then I would grab the microphone and be like, I just want to say that you are the most beautiful couple. Everybody would be looking at me like, Who is this Black girl at our wedding?"

Elsewhere in the interview, Tiffany talked about her relationships with one of her co-stars on "The Afterparty". Referring to Elizabeth Perkins, she stated, "With Elizabeth, we're always texting each other with crazy stuff."

The actress also opened up about what she did to stay humble despite her current success in her career. "I try my best not to hold onto to too many emotions because I feel like when you hold onto all those emotions, they make you crazy and then you get delusional. Sleep is the key. And don't be afraid to go out in nature. Take your shoes off and walk in some grass," she shared.

Tiffany's revelation about her struggling years in the past came a few weeks after she denied kissing Dale Moss at A$AP Rocky's Spotify Beach set during the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival. In the comments section of Page Six's Instagram post, she clarified, "I never kissed nobody last night and nobody kissed me. Sorry guys this isn't true." In a follow-up comment, she stated, "Sure since everybody making up stories."

Tiffany made the clarification shortly after Page Six reported that Tiffany and Dale had a flirty encounter at the July 21 music event. "Tiffany gave Dale a brief smooch in between twerking to A$AP Rocky," a source told the outlet.

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