Sammie Admits He Wanted to Die Before Finding Out About His Girlfriend's Pregnancy

The 36-year-old singer/songwriter first announced that he's expecting a child by sharing a photo of him planting a kiss on his partner's baby bump at their gender reveal party.

AceShowbiz - Sammie has a baby on the way. When announcing the exciting news on social media, the "I Like It" crooner admitted that he wanted to die before finding out about his girlfriend's pregnancy.

Making use of Instagram on Saturday, June 24, the 36-year-old shared a gender reveal video. The musician, who is expecting a baby girl, began his caption, "After my bday this year I wanted to no longer be here on this Earth. Allowing the devil to take my mind and spirit to a realm beneath Godly heights."

"When I returned from Vegas I found out we were with child and it gave me purpose to 'Journee' on. I have reason(s) to live for," he added. "Wrote this song before I knew the gender of my child. It's the closing outro to my album that's soon to come."

Sammie went on to note, "Thank you God for being God. To my family and friends, fans that's kept me alive with/ or without knowing my fragile state of mind." He then concluded, "I'm grateful. It's entitled 'Sweet Baby' (this is actual audio of the first time I heard HER heart beat)."

One day prior, Sammie unleashed a photo of him planting a kiss on his partner's baby bump. "I'll try to keep it short: to my tribe who's known yet respected the sacredness, I thank you & I'm ever so grateful for the support and community (our village). God equip me as I embark on breaking generational chains and too…provide to me the tools & discipline to be a great leader, bf, father/ dad & one day husband," he penned.

"My prayer is for a Godly, healthy and loving baby. Thank you Tea' for being who you are," the singer/songwriter further stated. "Honored and happy to 'Journee' thru life with you. ~ PAPA."

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