Lorde Gushes Over 'Kind' Taylor Swift as She Reveals Their Sweet Text Exchange
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When celebrating the sixth anniversary of her second studio album 'Melodrama', the 'Green Light' singer expressed her love to the 'Blank Space' singer for supporting her.

AceShowbiz - Lorde has nothing but praises for Taylor Swift. When celebrating the sixth anniversary of her studio album "Melodrama", the "Green Light" singer treated her fans to a glimpse of the private conversation she had with the "All Too Well" singer as she gushed over the latter for being "very kind."

On Friday, June 16, Lorde let out a screenshot of Taylor's sweet text message. The texts uncovered Taylor's support for Lorde back in 2017 when the latter released her second studio album. Over the snap, Lorde wrote, "Taylor was very kind and not wrong."

Within the screenshot itself, it could be seen that Taylor wrote to Lorde, "You will always be imagined in my mind in a rowboat with Annie Lennox floating down a river of cool cerebral ethereal dreams but don't-f**k-with-me vibes all around you. And I don't think first week record sales singularly define a legacy." In response, Lorde texted back, "I love you so much for this."

Lorde Instagram Story

Lorde shared her text exchange with Taylor Swift back in 2017.

Aside from revealing Taylor's sweet text, Lorde also uploaded a selfie taken from the period when she was making "Melodrama". On June 16, she shared an Instagram Story that captured her sitting on a chair while in a New York City hotel's restaurant. Over the picture, she recounted, "In this time I mostly lived at the Park Hyatt Hotel in New York."

"I was 18/19 and had truly no idea that it was an extremely expensive hotel and thus spent most of my [album] advance on hotel bills," the 26-year-old singer continued recounting. "Seen here at breakfast one day."

Lorde Instagram Story

Lorde recalled one of the processes in making her second studio album.

Album anniversary aside, Lorde held her friendship with Taylor dear. Back in 2017, she was forced to clarify their relationship. "Wow - something of a frustrating thing to have to address online but here we go. Taylor is a dear friend," she stressed in a tweet. "I love her very much."

In the same tweet, Lorde continued explaining, "In the interview in question I had just been talking about [David] Bowie and Patti Smith - those were the 'idols' I was referring to that I was saying I'm not friends with, not Taylor!"

"I've always found people's perception of this 'squad' idea frustrating in the past; it was never some exclusive club or secret society, but a wide circle of people, some of whom I know, and some who I've never met, like most wide groups of friends. Forgive me for the mild eyeroll I popped when it was brought up as if we’re all blood members of a secret cult," she went on to explain.

"Really s**tty to wake up to headlines about whether or not you've jumped ship on someone you deeply respect and ride for. I want to say one more time that Taylor has been there for me in all my dark and light moments these past 5 years. All of them. I feel truly terrible that it would ever seem like I wasn't faithfully her person. I f**ked up an interview question. Now go sip a beverage and head out on a walk," she added.

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