Jennifer Coolidge, 61, Thinks She's Too 'Immature' to Have Kids
British GQ Magazine/Charlotte Rutherford

The 'White Lotus' actress doesn't think she's mature enough to raise children as she gets candid about the real reason why she's reluctant to have a family of her own.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Coolidge feels like she's too "immature" to have had children. The 61-year-old actress confesses her friends have encouraged her to adopt but she thinks she'd have made a better stepmother, and she's theorised as to whether having a family of her own would have made her "grow up."

"I'm very, very immature. I think that has kept me from having children, because I'm sort of a child. Maybe if I had kids, I would've had to have grown up," she told the summer issue of Britain's GQ magazine.

Jennifer also admitted she has a habit of dating intense men. She said, "I've never had, like, a laid back boyfriend that was just full of joy, you know? Like, someone who laughs at all your shortcomings. That's never who I choose for myself."

The last few years have seen a career resurgence for the "American Pie" star, thanks to her role as Tanya McQuoid in "The White Lotus" but she admitted she nearly turned down the award-winning role because of her mental health struggles. She said, "I was, like, not in the mood. [Was it fear of failure - or possibly success?] I was depressed, I was very depressed."

But after the first series, Jennifer got involved in coming up with ideas for the show with creator Mike White - and she joked her pitch "got [her] killed." She explained, "I had encouraged Mike to tell an Italian story, I said I would love to be in Italy or something, riding around on a Vespa with all these men reaching out and trying to light my cigarette. That's my fantasy. But then I guess that suggestion got me killed."

Jennifer will be speaking at the GQ Heroes conference in association with BMW, taking place at Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire from 19- 21 of July.

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