Utkarsh Ambudkar Introduces Newborn Daughter After Welcoming Baby No. 3

The 'Free Guy' actor has taken to Instagram to debut his newborn baby girl and announce her name after his wife Naomi gave birth to the bundle of joy recently.

AceShowbiz - Utkarsh Ambudkar has welcomed his third child. The "Ghosts" actor, 39, and his wife Naomi Campbell had a baby girl called Leka Lesina Indu Ambudkar, who joins the couple's three-year-old son Bhumi and daughter Tiare, eight.

"Welcome to the human experience, Leka Lesina Indu Ambudkar," Utkarsh confirmed the news on his Instagram on Thursday, June 8 by posting a series of images in a slideshow showing the new arrival and their other kids.

Appearing to reference the track by rapper Warren G, he added, "Your mama is a superhero and we can't wait to teach you all the words to 'Regulate.' God - if you're real - thank you."

Utkarsh and Naomi married in September 2019 and, after she gave birth to Bhumi, the actor opened up about the harsh reality of life with a newborn to Indian daily newspaper Telangana Today.

He said in December 2020, "We just started feeding our son solids, so it is harrowing. If you guys want to watch a horror movie, just come to my house at 3am every night - I've got a screaming banshee of a son who's dropping bombs. I'm sleep deprived."

He added that their home is also "constantly in fairy mode" due to his girl Tiare, and joked, "If you ask my daughter right now what she wants to be when she grows up, she'll tell you a fairy. So, we 100 per cent believe and support magic in our household!"

The actor also told People last year about the struggle of juggling professional life with parenthood. He added, "When I'm not working, I'm doing what I imagine most parents do, which is just trying not to lose your s***. No, we do the pickups from school and the drop-offs, and we had a great birthday party this weekend, normal stuff."

The doting dad also told how his kids appreciate hearing his voice in animated films, especially when he ends up playing the "good guy." He said, "Look, I played a bad guy in ('The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild') on Disney+, which didn't… I mean, my son loved that I was a dinosaur. My daughter's like, 'Do you have to play a bad guy every time?' Because in 'Free Guy', I was kind of a bad guy for half the movie, too, until I become a good guy at the end."

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