Moniece Slaughter's Fans 'Glad' She Calls Off Cosmetic Procedure After Ms Jacky Oh's Death

The 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star announces her plan to go under the knife to repair her separated abdominal wall has been 'indefinitely postponed' after her EKG shows 'irregularity.'

AceShowbiz - Moniece Slaughter has been forced to postpone her makeover. Having had teased her plan to have a cosmetic procedure to get her body snatched, the reality TV star has announced that the surgery has been called off due to complications.

Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, June 6, Moniece wrote in a statement that the procedure has been "indefinitely postponed." She explained, "Unfortunately my EKG was irregular, and I will not be undergoing my procedures tomorrow."

Calling it "bittersweet," the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star opened up about her frustration that led to her decision to go under the knife. "Being trapped in a body you don't recognize. A body that has endured so much! So much to so that even after months of dieting, medicinal changes, lifestyle changes, physical exercise, therapy for the mind and spirit, still won't budge, is F**king depressing period," she lamented.

Moniece went on stating that she has "a separated abdominal wall," which she claimed "cannot be repaired without surgery!" She insisted, "Be it invasive or non-invasive, it requires a procedure."

The singer further shared, "This potential heart condition & irregularity didn't exist last summer in July when I had a full physical after contracting COVID-19. So somewhere between them and now this has presented itself. I encourage you all to take general care of yourselves on a daily basis just because. Receive regular check-ups & blood work!"

In the caption, Moniece thanked her doctors and the medical team "for not only handling me with such care, but making the decision to indefinitely postpone my surgery until whatever is going on with my heart is properly assessed and cleared by a cardiologist."

"While everyone is sure it's nothing, they're also even more certain that the cost of doing nothing EXTRA, could cost me my life...," she said of taking the precaution. "these procedures look great and don't take long to heal from. But are not to be taken lightly! I'd like to express my gratitude for them, as they sent me through multiple thorough pro-operative work ups, and as a result this was caught now. Slightly even more depressed but grateful none the less."

Moniece called off her cosmetic procedure in the wake of Ms Jacky Oh's death after the former "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out" star allegedly underwent "mommy makeover" in Miami. Realizing the potentially fatal risk of such procedures, a fan reacted to Moniece's decision, "I'm glad it's been called off. They all should be. Your life is worth more than your appearance."

"We don't want to RIP you mama! I'm glad they caught the heartbeat irregularity and postponed. Glad God gave you grace," another commented. A relieved fan added, "I'm glad she got a thorough examination."

Similarly, a fourth social media user weighed in, "Glad she called it off!" Someone else wrote, "Take it as a sign from god girl."

A sixth user shared a message about body acceptance, "Honestly in light of what just transpired with Jackie. I think we need to really sit back and recognize that's we age, and undergo so many physical changes as women and stop chasing unrealistic beauty standards. Your perfect flat stomach won't be that way forever. You don't have a butt so be it rock that flat ass. Accept ourselves because not waking up the next day over body dysmorphia isn't worth it. There is more to live for than and image we have for ourselves.... Also I'm an advocate for surgery but not if your life is in danger of it."

Some others were not happy that some commenters brought up Jacky into the conversation. "Y'all keep saying 'DC young fly BM was a sign' she literally isn't The 1st or last person to pass from elective surgery . Just stop," one of them urged.

Another claimed, "y'all know ppl have been having procedures since before Jacky Oh right?! ppl have also died & y'all still get work done. ppl are not going to stop b/c of her death. like stop it. now y'all are gonna continue to bring her up everytime someone wants to get work done?!"

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