Kaley Cuoco's Newborn Daughter Is Big Fan of Jonas Brothers' Music

The former 'Big Bang Theory' star wants to introduce little Matilda to the Jonas Brothers because the baby loves it when she plays the song by Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas.

AceShowbiz - Kaley Cuoco hopes to introduce her new baby to the Jonas Brothers. The 37-year-old actress had firstborn Matilda in March with Tom Pelphrey and has now revealed that the little one is calmed by the "Waffle House" hitmakers - which consist of Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas - and she is keen to set up a meeting with them.

"She loves the Jonas Brothers! And it wasn't a fluke because we did it again the next day - I played it again and she looks around and I'm like, 'Oh, my God, you really do like their music?' Gonna have to set that up. I need to introduce them," she told ExtraTV.

Meanwhile, "The Big Bang Theory" star is now playing a true crime podcaster in upcoming Peacock series "Based on a True Story" alongside Chris Messina and explained that she often "binges" on serial killer documentaries in real life too.

She added, "I never thought I would have kids, so this has been, like, so awesome. It's all we talk about, me and baby. My mom and I would sit on the couch and watch 'Forensic Files.' And now I love 'Dateline' and all those things."

"When Tom's not home, he's not really into true crime, I'll do like a full binge. I'll go and watch 15 in a row. And just sort of have my dinner and let the night go on. And eventually check on my baby, haha."

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