Al Roker 'Sick and Tired' of His Numerous Health Woes
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Revealing the 'Today' weatherman's frustration with his series of health issues, his wife Deborah Roberts admits that she's 'a little nervous because everything is so precious right now.'

AceShowbiz - Al Roker's wife says he is "sick and tired of being sick and tired." The 68-year-old "Today" weatherman's partner Deborah Roberts, 62, who is ABC News' senior national affairs correspondent, made the admission while giving another update on his latest health battle after he went in for knee surgery on May 9 after a litany of problems.

She told Page Six, "More than anything else - with his body fatigue - he just had a moment where he is sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Deborah, who married Al in 1995, added about her worry after Al went in for knee surgery for a second time recently after he had fought blot clots in his leg and lungs, "Of course I was a little nervous because everything is so precious right now… we've been through so much, but I'm really happy that he's on the mend and he's doing well."

Despite giving fans updates on Al's condition, Deborah added she thinks one of the pitfalls of being in the public eye is everyone knowing "your business," but admitted she loved hearing fans' support for her husband.

She said, "One of the downfalls of fame and being on television is that everyone is in your business… it's a little tough. But on the other hand, I'm walking around and people keep saying to me, 'I'm thinking about Al,' 'I'm saying prayers for you'… 'How's your husband?' More than anything else, I think it's a nice support and it's really uplifting to hear people's thoughts. There are times I'm going for a jog and I am coming back and I'm having a moment to myself and someone will ask about Al, and I am like, 'OK you took me back there.' So yeah it comes with the territory."

Deborah also recently told fans in an Instagram Live Al was enduring a "slow going" recovery from his leg operation. She added, "Thank you all so much for being so concerned about him and so interested in his well-being. As many of you know he had a knee re-replacement, so a knee that had been replaced many, many years ago had problems and had to be re-replaced. It makes it slow going - it makes it a little tougher. It was a harder surgery, so it's a little bit harder to snap back from but he's doing pretty well, moving a little slowly."

Al is set to become a grandad in June, and spoke earlier this month about how his daughter Courtney, 36, is pregnant with a baby girl.

He adopted her in 1987 with his then-wife, Alice Bell, and moved on after their divorce in 1994 by marrying Deborah, with whom he has daughter Leila, 24, and 20-year-old son Nick.

Al's health woes have included him having an emergency carpal tunnel surgical procedure in 2018 and a hip replacement the following year. In November 2020, he shared a prostate cancer diagnosis with viewers, warning the disease, which he beat after surgery, was "a little aggressive" despite him catching it early.

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