Flo Rida Agrees to Pay Huge Amount of Child Support for Son After His Five-Story Fall
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The 'Good Girls on Vacation' rapper, who was previously accused of refusing to pay his son's medical bills following the incident, reportedly agrees to pay a huge amount of child support for the boy.

AceShowbiz - Flo Rida's legal battle with his baby mama is seemingly over. The "My House" rapper, who was previously accused of not paying their son Zoha Dillard's medical bills following his "tragic fall," has agreed to pay a huge amount of child support for the boy.

The emcee reached the agreement during a Family Court hearing that took place in New York City on Thursday, May 25. The package includes monthly and annual payments that could cost him around $500,000 a year.

Flo Rida reportedly agreed to pay $14,000 a month in support and $2,212 a month in health insurance for Zohar, who is a special needs child as he's been diagnosed with autism and a brain condition called hydrocephalus. In addition, he must set up a $300,000 escrow account for Zohar's needs, which must be replenished annually.

Not stopping there, the "Good Girls on Vacation" spitter has also been required to make a one-time payment of $188,000 to his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Alexis Adams. The money is to compensate her for outstanding expenses.

Back in April, Alexis accused Flo Rida of refusing to pay medical bills for his son, who was critically injured after falling from a five-story window. She also alleged that the musician referred to their son as a "devil child."

While Flo Rida didn't respond to the allegations, he previously declared that Zohar was getting "the best medical care" following the incident. The 6-year-old himself reportedly suffered a shattered pelvis, left metatarsal fractures, a Grade 3 liver laceration, internal bleeding and collapsed lungs after the fall.

The incident led Flo Rida's baby mama Alexis to file a lawsuit against the Jersey City building's management. She accused the building's management of being "negligent and careless" as they "did not install size guards on the window."

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