Marion Cotillard Talks About Falling Victim to 'Sick' People in Industry
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The 'White Little Lies' actress reveals being a victim of harassment as she warns there are still some 'sick' men and women who take advantage of young stars in the industry.

AceShowbiz - Marion Cotillard landed in unwanted situations because of "sick" people in the film industry. The "Little Girl Blue" actress feels there is still a long way to go for the #MeToo movement and confirms she was subjected to harassment during the early days of her career.

"We still have a long way to go! I always have in mind this woman who goes to another march, another walk with her sign saying 'I can't believe I'm still here dealing with this sh**,' " she told Deadline when asked how far she thinks the industry has come since the launch of the campaign.

"I've been an actress for a long time; I was [put] in situations that I shouldn't have been in…There still are some sick men, and women sometimes, who will take advantage of the youth, who will take advantage of the passion that we have as an actor, the fact that we depend on the desire of directors, producers."

But the 47-year-old star thinks there are some positive steps behind made. She added, "To know that today those young actresses know that this is not right, that if someone asks you something that you're not comfortable with you can say 'No.' I didn't know that when I was a young actress, it was a very different time."

Marion's latest movie, "Little Girl Blue", deals with themes of sexual abuse and she admitted it was a subject she felt it important to explore. She said, "A lot of women in this world had experienced this relationship to men. My mother and my grandmother and even further have had this journey through very difficult relationships with men and sexual assault. I was very touched by this quest because it's a journey to healing."

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