Eddie Murphy in Negotiations to Lead 'Pink Panther' Remake

The 'Nutty Professor' actor is expected to take on the main role in an upcoming 'Pink Panther' movie which will be directed by 'Sonic the Hedgehog' helmer.

AceShowbiz - Eddie Murphy is in negotiations to star in the "Pink Panther" movie. The 62-year-old star is in talks to portray Inspector Clouseau in the motion picture, which is being directed by "Sonic the Hedgehog" filmmaker from a Chris Bremner script.

Producing the film are Dan Lin, Jonathan Eirich, Larry Mirisch, and Julie Andrews. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is to be a live-action/ CG hybrid, and it is said the project is still in the "deep development stages."

The original "Pink Panther" comedy film was released in the US in 1964 and saw Peter Sellers play Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Sellers reprised his role in 1964's "A Shot in the Dark" as well as "The Return of the Pink Panther" in 1975, "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" in 1976, and "Revenge of the Pink Panther" in 1978.

"The Pink Panther" told the story of the French police detective as he aimed to catch a jewel thief known as The Phantom, who is attempting to steal precious diamond The Pink Panther. David Niven, Robert Wagner, Claudia Cardinale, and Capucine also appeared in the movie.

A pink, cartoon panther appeared in the animated opening credits, and then starred in several "Pink Panther" cartoons.

In 2006, Shawn Levy directed a "Pink Panther" movie reboot, which saw Steve Martin play Inspector Clouseau. Kevin Kline, Emily Mortimer, Kristin Chenoweth, and Jean Reno also starred in the film. Martin, Reno, and Mortimer reprised their roles for the 2009 sequel "The Pink Panther 2", in which John Cleese replaced Kline as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus.

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