Beyonce Blows Kiss to Fan Onstage for Attending 35 of Her Concerts

While performing onstage during her Brussels stop for 'Renaissance World Tour', the 'Love on Top' hitmaker briefly stops dancing to personally thank the fan for the loyalty.

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles has taken a brief break in the middle of her performance just to express appreciation. Upon finding out that a fan of hers has attended 35 of her concerts, the "Love on Top" hitmaker approached the fan and sweetly blew a kiss from the stage.

On Monday, May 15, the 41-year-old superstar's fan turned to Twitter to share a video documenting the sweet moment. In the short clip, the songstress could be seen performing onstage in Brussels for her "Renaissance World Tour". Upon noticing something off camera, she approached the edge of the stage and gestured a hand sign of the numbers three and five.

Beyonce also mouthed the words "Thirty five" to the person below the stage. After seemingly getting a response, the singer wife of Jay-Z blew a kiss to the devotee and mouthed the words, "Thank you." She could be seen smiling from ear to ear during the brief interaction.

Accompanying the video, the loyal devotee thanked the pop icon in a tweet, "BEYONCE THANK YOU AGAIN," and added a red heart and a bee emoji. The fan went on to write, "And thanks the person next me who filmed this."

"Bey gave me her love when she saw me again. Thankfull for all the shows, travels and moments with her," the fan further penned. Stressing that 35 concerts were not enough, the fan added, "See you next week Bey [red heart emoji] #rennaisanceworldtour #beyonce."

Similar video also made its way online through another Twitter user. Recorded from a different angle, the tweet gained positive responses. Some of them read, "I'd simply pass away if that were me," "When will it be my turn for a crazy in love notice," and "I mean if the fan was in THOSE SEATS…. We're talking upwards of 35k in ticket prices?!"

A number of Queen Bey's devotees could not help but shower the pop star with praises. One gushed, "She's so sweet n beautiful & that fan is so loyal n dedicated like woah." Another marveled, "The biggest artist on the planet...yet the humblest. a true queen." A third exclaimed, "She deserves the world."

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