YK Osiris Shoots His Shot With Reginae Carter After She Accuses Armon Warren of Clout Chasing

The 'Valentine' hitmaker expresses his confidence that he will 'be the one' for Reginae after she addresses her relationship issue with her ex-boyfriend on Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz - YK Osiris wasted no time in letting Reginae Carter know that he's interested in her. Following her social media drama with her ex-boyfriend Armon Warren, the rapper/singer has shot his shot with the Instagram model.

On Thursday, May 11, Reginae hopped on Instagram Live to address her relationship issue with her ex-boyfriend following their recent Twitter exchange. She admitted that she was disappointed in him because he made a YouTube video about her home being broken into instead of checking on her in the first place.

"So, yes. I do feel like that's a little clout chasing," the 24-year-old said in a video. "That's the person who I love and he didn't make sure I was okay. He didn't make sure I was okay. He didn't check on me."

Seemingly responding to the backlash she received for airing her dirty laundry with Armon, Reginae also confessed, "My emotions are everywhere. I'm human. I bleed." She went on stating, "I apologize because I keep playing y'all and everything."

Upon seeing the video, YK didn't miss his chance to shoot his shot. In the comment of The Shade Room's re-post of Reginae's video, he wrote, "Awwww I knew I would be the one."

YK also posted and deleted a Story calling Armon "lame." Showing support to Reginae, the hip-hop star penned, "@itreginaecarter it's ok you are a beautiful woman you should always speak your mind. Especially when a lame a** n***a making u look bad."

This prompted a DM exchange between YK and Armon, which screenshot was shared by the "Valentine" hitmaker.

This isn't the first time YK has shown his interest in the daughter of Lil Wayne. Back in June 2020, he pleaded while speaking with TSR, "Reginae, c'mon. Just give me a chance. I'm not like these other rappers. I'm gonna give you the world. Stop leaving me on read, baby, please."

He promised that he wasn't like other men and would do right by her. "I know you tired of the bullcrap. N***as doin' jump, but I'm not gon' do it," he continued. "Your daddy gon' like me. I'm gon' give you the world, baby. And I'm smart, and I love God."

Reginae, meanwhile, recently threw shade at Armon via Twitter. "Love bombing is a thing . Know the difference," she tweeted on Wednesday, without naming names.

While she didn't mention whom her tweet was addressed to, it caught the attention of Armon, who appeared to be offended. In his reply, he wrote, "I lost all respect for you."

"to come on here and play victim is crazy," the YouTube star continued. "I was nothing but respectful cuz that's all I can do is be respectful. You on the other hand I hope these people pray for you, Fr."

After seemingly deleting his first tweet, he followed it up with a cryptic message which read, "My love was never fake so I can't get on here and do all that extra s**t. It ain't even in me. Y'all have fun tho."

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