Christina Applegate Says 'Dead to Me' Could Be Her Final Role After Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

The 'Bad Moms' actress claims she's 'probably not going to work on-camera again' after she completed the final season of her Netflix TV series amid her battle with multiple sclerosis.

AceShowbiz - Christina Applegate is afraid she will never work on camera again following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS). The 51-year-old "Dead to Me" actress announced she was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological condition last year while she was filming the final series of the hit Netflix series and she's now insisted the show will possibly mark her last ever acting role.

"I'm probably not going to work on-camera again," she explained to Vanity Fair magazine. However, she's glad her final role was working with Linda Cardellini on "Dead to Me", saying, "Ping-pong is so much more fun when the other person is just as good as you are ... I'm so glad that I went out with someone who is by far the greatest actress I've ever worked with in my entire life, if not the greatest human I've ever known."

Christina previously suggested she could return to acting in the future once she knows how much work she is capable of. She told Variety in 2022, "It's about finding what I'm capable of doing. I'm so new in this right now. It takes time to kind of figure out this disease, and figure out what's bringing on symptoms."

"I'm just a newbie to all of this. So I'm trying to figure it out - and I'm also in mourning for the person who I was. I have to find a place that's as loving as my set was, where they won't think I'm a diva by saying, 'Hey, I can only work five hours' ... [I'm looking for] a place that will allow me to [work five hours] if I'm not the star ... There's no way I could do the work that I just came off again. I mean, it was so hard."

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