Kendall Jenner Slammed for Her Sexy Photoshoot in Nipple-Baring Top
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The 27-year-old model sparks outrage for the revealing pictures for her collaboration with FWRD as fans demand the 'Kardashians' star's account be labelled as 18+.

AceShowbiz - Kendall Jenner faced backlash after posting her racy photo shoots for her collaboration with FWRD. The model sparked outrage for the revealing pictures as fans demanded her account be labelled as 18+.

In the controversial shoot, Kendall was seen freeing her nipple. The sizzling images saw "The Kardashians" star seductively posing in bed while wearing a sheer top. The 27-year-old paired her look with a black booth for the sexy photo session.

Upon catching wind of the pictures, fans demanded Kendall to make her account only accessible for adults. "Her acc. Should be labelled as 18+!" one user wrote in the comments section, garnering over a thousand likes.

"You have already shown everything then what's the point of those clothes on your body!" another critic questioned. Someone else echoed the sentiment by writing, "What's the point of clothes if we can see everything?"

However, some others defended the 818 Tequilla founder. "She loves her body, she loves the owl reflection, she loves herself. if she wants, let her post such photos. it looks great. she's beautiful as an aphrodite. her body is a work of art. she doesn't need your permission to post it. shut up," one fan said, slamming the naysayers.

"Who ever is commenting hate stuff. Stop u guys are just jealous because she actually has a life and y'all don't sooo. Keep hating boo," one other added. Another supporter noted, "why are y'all like this? she is a model and that is what a lot of models do. she probably has self respect and what she wears shoes no reflection of if she does or not. leave the damn woman alone."

Back in May 2022, Kendall explained in a Q&A with Harper's Bazaar why she wanted to branch out and work with the company. "I grew up loving fashion and have been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most brilliant people in this business," the reality TV star shared.

"As FWRD's Creative Director, I love helping curate the site's offering with emerging designers and brands," Kendall added. She also noted that she's "really drawn to a slightly minimalist, effortless style with a touch of French cool girl."

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