Photos of Bill Gates' Daughter Phoebe With Her Black Boyfriend Draw Mixed Comments

While some people suspect that Phoebe Gates' beau is 'securing the bag' by dating the Microsoft co-founder's daughter, others believe that the guy is from a wealthy family too.

AceShowbiz - Bill Gates' daughter has suddenly found herself becoming the talk of the town due to her romantic relationship. Back in January, Phoebe Gates posted on her Instagram account several photos of her and her man Robert Ross seemingly taken from New Year's Eve celebration.

One of the snaps saw the pair staring lovingly into each other's eyes while standing in front of a fireplace. Another image saw Phoebe seemingly in a playful mode as she stuck her tongue out, while her boyfriend wrapped his hands around her waist, but turned his face away and smiled.

The photos have since drawn mixed response from social media users, with some assuming that Robert "securing the bag" by dating Phoebe. "Bill Gates daughter and her boyfriend. Can you see how hard he's smiling. I understand my brother," one person commented on Twitter.

Another weighed in, "That's the smile of future generational wealth." A third person reacted, "It's...interesting how the usual suspects are congratulating Bill Gates daughters bf for 'securing the bag' and no one is calling him weak or emasculated."

Some others, however, believe that Robert is also from a wealthy family. "I find it funny y'all assume he's just some random broke Black teen looking for a lick... To be real, to be in circles with the gates his family has $$ too," someone argued.

Similarly, another defended Robert, "If he is in the same social circle as bill gates daughter, I promise you, without her dad he's still be fine lol." Someone else claimed, "To be clear, this guy is accomplished as well. He is cofounder of a tech startup, went to Stanford as well. Let’s not make assumptions just because of her father’s wealth…let them live."

Another person simply supported the couple as saying, "Bill Gates daughter and her boyfriend are cute lol. Love that for him."

Phoebe herself has responded to racist comments about her relationship with Robert. When asked about the worst part of being a social media sensation, the college student said in an interview with The Information earlier this month, "The misconceptions and conspiracy theories about my family and my relationship with my boyfriend. It's 2023. I'm done being memed for being in an interracial relationship."

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